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If you are new to wikis, check out Wikieducator's excellent tutorials for an introduction.

Anyone is eligible to be a Summer of Content intern. To apply:

  1. Create an applicant profile in the section below.
  2. Check out the projects on the projects page; add your ideas, comment on existing ones, and add your names to the projects you're interested in.
  3. Check out the mentors on the mentors page, and contact the ones you're interested in working with; talk with them about projects you're interested in working on.
  4. Celebrate (or wait nervously, depending on your disposition). You may continue to edit your profile here or the projects you are interested in until 11:59pm EST (GMT-5) on August 6, 2007. At that time, projects, mentors, and interns will be selected and matched up; you will be notified of your final status before August 10, 2007.


Intern Name

Write your profile here; include contact information. Keep it short; 4-6 sentences is a good length. Some ideas: location, background and experience, kinds of projects you are interested in doing, specific projects you are interested in. Link to external pages/sites as needed.

Coogan Brennan - The Manhattan Project

I'm a researcher currently at Brown University working on public health and carbon sequestration. I am developing an organization known as The Manhattan Project to develop proper mediums to interpret the massive amounts of decentralized information, specifically in regards to news.

I would really like to talk with other people about this project, get a feeling for where it could go and what we will need to get it there. This means gathering programmers, graphic designers and other high-falutin thinkers to join in on the discussion concerning a proper web browser for the 21st century.

In SoCon 2007, I'd like to develop Junk Monkey, a dynamic web plug-in complimented by wikis and user-generated content. There's a more detailed explanation here along with a movie here (there's a lag in the video, you need to fast-forward at 4:00 to 5:00).

You can see the formal proposal for The Manhattan Project at my blog.

Contact info: Coogan(dot)Brennan(at)Columbia(dot)edu

Nicole (Nikki) Lee

Undergraduate engineering student from California, USA currently building the OLPC art community. More detailed bio on my user page on the wiki; my email is Interested in streamlining the volunteering process for OLPC, as in the OLPC volunteers portal project.

Karen Rustad

Undergraduate media studies student from Minnesota, USA. Member of board of directors and president of local chapter Free Culture 5C. I'm an on-and-off (web)comic artist and a budding web designer. Email: I'm interested in digital art, particularly webcomics, as well as more code-y things like an online student-to-student paper repository/journal.

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