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If you are new to wikis, check out Wikieducator's excellent tutorials for an introduction.

  • Create a mentor profile for yourself either by editing this page manually (click the "edit" button on the top) or by clicking the "Apply as a mentor" button here. (Suspected vandal entry point.) Also join the mailing list to get updates and announcements.
  • If your organization is listed in the Summer of Content organizations list, email the main contact listed for your organization and notify them that you have applied as a mentor.
  • If your organization is not listed, put "freelance" as your organization (or better yet, convince your organization to join!)
  • Check out the projects on the projects page; add your ideas, comment on existing ones, and add your names to the projects you're interested in.

What do mentors do?

  • Mentors...
    • Provide advice and guidance to their assigned intern throughout the course of the project
    • Introduce their interns to the community they are developing for
    • Serve as a liason between their intern and the supervising mentor organization
    • Write two progress reports on your intern's progress (less than 1 page each) - one midway through the session, one at the end of the session

The total time commitment is approximately 30 minutes per week, and everything can be done remotely via email.

Mentor applicants

Mentor name

Sponsor organization: Tell us which of the Summer of Content organizations you are working with.

Email: address (at) domain (dot) com

Languages spoken: List the languages you can mentor projects in here.

Background: Write your profile here. Keep it short; 4-6 sentences is a good length. Some ideas: location, background and experience, kinds of projects you are interested in mentoring, what you have done for your organization before, specific projects you are interested in. Link to external pages/sites as needed.

Lauren Klein

Sponsor organization: One Laptop Per Child

Email: Contact info on user page.

Languages spoken: English

Background: Interested in developing activities, lesson plans, and curricula emphasizing OLPC design features and learning principles.

SJ Klein

Sponsor organization: One Laptop Per Child

Email: Contact info on user page.

Languages spoken: English, German

Background: Director of Content for OLPC. Interested in localization, learning games, and distributed/synchronized wiki projects.

Wayne Mackintosh

Sponsor organization: Commonwealth of Learning

Email: Contact info on website.

Languages spoken: English

Background: Interested in eLearning and ICT Policy and developing free education curriculum by 2015. Works on

Joshua Mallet

Sponsor organization: Commonwealth of Learning

Email: Contact info on website.

Languages spoken: English

Background: Interested in Learning and Livelihoods and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

Patricia Schlicht

Sponsor organization: Commonwealth of Learning

Email: Contact info on website.

Languages spoken: English

Background: Programme Assistant for Joshua Mallet and Wayne Mackintosh

Adam Hyde

Sponsor organization: FLOSS manuals

Email: <>

Languages spoken: English

Background: Founder of FLOSS Manuals. Interested in mentoring for FLOSS Manuals.

Alfonso de la Guarda Reyes

Sponsor organization: Centro Open Source

Email: needs email

Languages spoken: Needs languages spoken

Background: Loves the research and development on mostly all areas, main goal: go forward the FLOSS projects from Latin America, specially filling some miss parts in the world. Alfonso's Blog.

Mel Chua

Sponsor organization: One Laptop Per Child

Email: Image:Mel-email.JPG

Languages spoken: English, American Sign Language (basic)

Background:Electrical and computer engineer with a strong interest in education. Interested in developing a frontpage and supporting materials for volunteer coordination and community-building, running a local Curriculum Jam or overall OLPC Jams development, development of non-conventional textbooks, webcomics. Also interested in accessibility, particularly for the hearing-impaired. A longer biography and contact information is available on my user page.

Andy Pethan

Sponsor organization: currently none

Email: user page

Languages spoken: English, minimal Spanish and French

Background: Interested in sustainable development work through entrepreneurship and appropriate technology. Spent a month in Guatemala with Community Enterprise Solutions, a organization that does this type of work. I am basically a freelance helper guy that would be happy to work with any project, especially those related to development or education.

Kevin Driscoll

Sponsor organization: Developing Curriculum, Inc.

Email: driscollkevin (at) gmail (dot) com

Languages spoken: English and Spanish (in a pinch.)

Background: I'm in transition from three years of high school teaching at Prospect Hill Charter High School to graduate studies at MIT. I am interested in equity, liberty, and happiness for students and their families, teachers, and institutions worldwide. To begin this process, I want to "free" the curriculum so that teachers can focus their energies on personalization, individualization, and localization. I also have a technical background and can contribute to software development efforts.

Rowen Remis R. Iral

Sponsor organization:OLPC Philippines WE NEED SPONSOR: OLPC

Email: wenmi01 (at) spymac ( period ) com

Languages spoken: List the languages you can mentor projects in here. Tagalog/Filipino English Nihongo

Background: Fundametal IT Engineer I'll be helping in development and promotion of OLPC project. I'm also one of the major movers of the PhilNITS Society who wants to do changes by use of IT.

I also like to work with my team and learn with them, I push project and time and put things in order for smooth execution and wants to achieve goals that was set.


My website

David Sasaki

Sponsor organization: Global Voices

Email: outreach (at) globalvoicesonline (dot) org

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Background: Director of Outreach for Global Voices. We are distributing microgrants to citizen media outreach projects in the developing world. We received 140 proposals, but could only fund five projects for the first round of funding.

Wendy Drexler

Sponsor organization: Freelance


Languages spoken: English

Background: Third grade teacher working on PhD in Educational Technology. Very passionate about the power of collaboration using Web 2.0 applications. Graduate work focused on collaborative blogging, impact of technology on the brain, and incorporating technology into service learning.

Personal Blog:

Teach Web 2.0 Collaborative Effort (under development):

Kids Galore Helping Kids in Darfur (Developed by my third grade class):

Class Website:

Duke Crawford

Sponsor organization:

Email: firstname (at) read (dot) fm

Languages spoken: english, espanol, italiano

Background: wants to work w/ hackers to integrate twext, scratch, tprs into a free game called storyasking..

Arjun Sarwal

Sponsor organization: Commonwealth of Learning

Email: arjun at laptop dot org user page.

Languages spoken: English, Hindi

Background: Undergraduate at NSIT, New Delhi. Summer Intern '07 at OLPC.

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