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Sometimes to get started, you need a little inspiration. We're looking for some good ideas for what the participants in the first-ever Summer of Content 2007 can build - they have 6 weeks to complete whatever they can dream up. Contribute your ideas for projects by clicking here.

This page is for internship applicants, mentor applicants and other people and organizations to post their project proposals. The application and project proposal template can be found here. We will evaluate proposals that are linked here on August 6, 2007.

Please comment and give feedback on the proposals listed below! Use the talk page for this.

Possible Content Creators and Aggregators

A couple of people from free culture have two ideas in the works:

  • 1. a public domain search engine for students. We know that there are some sites like this in the works, but we'd like to create something student-friendly that will help people find, format, and print public domain books found on project guttenberg and the internet archive. This is a pretty easy site to make, but it needs to be something non-tech-savvy students feel comfortable with. So a lot of this will focus on aesthetics
  • 2. a paper repository and exchange. One of the worst things about an undergraduate's career is that the papers he or she writes rarely get seen by anyone beyond a grad student. If you're proud of a paper, why not share it? and if you're working on a paper, and want feedback, why not put it online for public comment? We want to build a paper repository and exchange that will do just that, which will allow readers to add commentary and ratings, and allow casual visitors to quickly find interesting, new, and useful papers written by their peers.
Hopefully these ideas fit under the banner of the Summer of Content. We hope someone is interested in helping out with, or taking the lead on these projects (
  • 3. Hello, we are a group of 6 people until now. Our base is Monterrey, Mexico, although we have people currently living in Argentina. The idea is to create content for kids in elementary school. We are going to work with the open source student group of our university. We want to know the specifications of the content that we need to create and anything else that we need to apply for the program.
  • Link your proposals here

Other proposals in progress

Commonwealth of Learning project ideas

  • Help with the design and implementation of the Learning4Content initiative
  • Helping with and preparing the support resources for a Curriculum Jam in the fall
  • Example content lessons developed on WikiEducator to inspire teachers and students to develop free content for education.
  • Proposals to improve WikiEducator's ability in developing a free education curriculum for all.
  • Assistance with the development of the Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate
  • Free lesson content to support vocational education and training
  • Adding to the suite of Newbie tutorials available on WikiEducator
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