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G1G1 Donor Inquiries

How can I order an XO laptop?

One Laptop per Child is running a new Give One Get One program starting November 17 2008 at . We hope this will become a progressively more global offering over time. While some basic advance details are currently available, please keep an eye on our websites as details emerge:

If you are interested in buying 100 to 10,000 or more XO laptops at this time, and have a thoughtful deployment/support plan in place, please see:

Where is my "Get One" XO laptop from 2007?

If you believe you ordered an XO laptop between Nov 12, 2007 and Dec 31, 2007, and have yet to receive it -- please email HELP @ LAPTOP . ORG with:

  1. your 10-digit reference number (order number)
  2. the exact amount you paid
  3. the exact date you ordered or paid
  4. your original email address used to place your order
  5. the precise spelling of the person's name who ordered
  6. your up-to-date US or Canadian shipping address (sorry PO Boxes don't work!)
  7. your daytime/evening phone number(s)


Historical Information: the G1G1 Fulfillment Information page outlines some past problems with the Give1Get1 shipping and ordering process, dating from back in late 2007 and early 2008, which have now been resolved.

Where is my "Get One" XO laptop I ordered at

See If that does not work, call Amazon at 866-216-1072 or 206-266-2992.

What Microsoft agreement was announced on May 15th 2008?

In May 2008, OLPC announced that Microsoft was purchasing a limited number of machines for their Unlimited Potential program, to be used to run Windows XP for pilot programs. Countries which are purchasing future XO laptops will have the option of contracting with Microsoft directly for this special version. However, OLPC does not currently offer Microsoft Windows to G1G1 participants. The XO laptop features the Linux operating system and includes software specifically designed for children and the XO. Microsoft Word ™ documents can be opened on the XO laptop and there are thousands of developers around the world currently creating software and content for the XO. For more information, visit

Please read AnnounceFAQ.
Some questions and answers about this announcement.

Where does the "Give One" XO laptop Go?


The generous G1G1 donors of North America have given of tens of thousands of XO laptops to children in developing countries, including these new XOers in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (Photo by Carla Gomez Monroy, Learning Consultant, OLPC, 17 Jan 2008) 05-0

As of June 2008, about 10,000 XO laptops each are being prepared for Haiti, Rwanda and Mongolia. This expands upon the Mongolian deployment which began on a smaller scale in January 2008. Stay tuned: further details of the Give1Get1 program's matching donations (eg. Afghanistan and Cambodia anticipated) will be forthcoming.

What is OLPC's tax exempt info?

Our US tax-exempt EIN (Employer ID Number) is towards the bottom of the Give1Get1 Donor Services FAQ.

How can I donate my Get One XO?

Thank you very much for participating in Give One Get One! We thank you also for your generous thought of donating back your XO laptop. It is very kind of you!

If you have the original packaging, please send in that box, or pack carefully in your own box, and mail to the address below. Please send to:

One Laptop per Child

Att: Give Another

One Cambridge Center, 10th floor

Cambridge, MA 02142

You may also be interested in giving your XO laptop to someone locally. Get a big smile for yourself!

Or, you may want to Donate Your Get One XO to an international group in a developing country, a non-profit in North American collecting XO's for schoolchildren in the US or Canada, or a Computer Science Education Project, including high schools and regional community groups.

How can I donate 100+ laptops? Enlist my entire school?

Contact "givemany AT". Basic cost/quantity details are here.
For government inquiries only, contact "countries AT"

For smaller international rollouts, please work with others on the grassroots mailing list.

While OLPC doesn't have a general mechanism for setting up smaller trials, immediate community feedback on school pilot projects is available in our live chat channels #olpc or #olpc-groups (see IRC channels for details). Similarly, you can have these and other questions answered live in the #olpc-help channel.

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