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Mouse, Touchpad

Can I attach an external keyboard or mouse?

Most USB keyboards and mice are compatible with the XO.

IR (infrared) keyboards (e.g., "PalmPilot keyboards") and wireless (Bluetooth) keyboards are not supported on the XO laptop.

Is there a stylus for the touchpad?

The touchpad was designed to be able to work with a stylus, but the laptop does not ship with a stylus.

Currently there are no activities that use the stylus. The Draw activity will work with a stylus in the next software update.

Why is my touchpad jumpy?

At times, the touchpad will become jumpy and the system will recalibrate it. If this happens, keep your fingers away from the touchpad for five seconds. You can also force a manual recalibration.

There were three known touchpad issues. We recommend upgrading to the latest software. A USB mouse is also a useful workaround in extreme cases.

Why did my mouse and keyboard freeze in 2011?

Users running XO-1 builds 650, 653 and 656 from 2007 and very early 2008 are encountering touchpad/keyboard freezes when their system clock is set to 2011 and 2012. A quick solution to the problem is described on the wiki and summarized in this blog post.

Users should also strongly consider a longer-term solution -- upgrading to the latest official software release -- remembering to remove all power (battery AND power cord) after upgrading/reflashing.

How do I identify the type/model of keyboard/trackpad on my XO?

In Terminal activity enter

 cat /sys/bus/serio/driver/psmouse/serio*/protocol
  • PS/2 using the base PS/2 protocol for compatibility
  • SynPS/2 Synaptics touchpad
  • FSPPS/2 Sentelic AVC Finger Sensing Pad.


 dmesg | grep psmouse
  • XO-1.5 newer CL1A = serio1: ID: 10 02 64
  • XO-1.5 older CL1A = synaptics
  • XO-1 = 50
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