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general: again we need screw clarification. SJ suggested color as a way to do that. Perhaps also add red exclamation points on steps that are difficult/easy to mess up and break things. Also see Talk:Disassembly_bottom

This page has more words. try to integrate the words into the pictures I can do this if you want.

Removing the front panel Step 1 You need another picture after picture 3 showing the other 2 screws so that the pictures are more language independent.

Removing the screen Step 1 Use consistent highlighting.

Step 2 Arrows

Removing the back cover / reaching the motherboard Add a picture of the mother board

Replacing the screen Step 1 picture 4 use consistent shading for highlighting

Step 2 picture 3 should say something about putting down the ears in order to keep the green side pieces in place

picture 5 need 2 pictures to show both sets of screws

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