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Deployment Status Stalled on government politics (corruption charges), despite the agreement.

Strange, I'd think an XO-XS deployment would mean guaranteed re-election for the minister of education. Therefore I'd think the minister of education would use all its power to get the XO-XS deployment go to a full scale deployment or at least to the whole region where the minister came from/is voting for the minister? --SvenAERTS 13:58, 18 December 2013 (UTC)

This sounds like wild speculation and wishful thinking. Have you any data? I doubt that a deployment of laptops would have any significant effect on re-election of a parliamentarian. There are much stronger political forces at play. The update that changed the status was by User:Sj in November 2009. It may be out of date, but it is the last data we have recorded publically. --Quozl 04:52, 19 December 2013 (UTC)

XO Sugar interface

--SvenAERTS 13:58, 18 December 2013 (UTC) I found the discussion page and this article just like that, without any signature, so I added a title, so I could put my topi here too.


The OLPC are doing some fantastic work, with the XO and the sugar interface I have a couple of thoughts though about the transition of using an XO , its sugar interface and Linux.

I guess the concept of the sugar interface is that that the usual GUI of most operating systems is too intimidating for children. I can see that , yet when I see my four year old daughter start fiddling with the dvd player when my wife & I , turn our backs makes me wonder! When she has the motivation because she wants to start a new dvd , she will just figure out the controls & just DO IT! In other words I wonder if we are under estimating children and should maybe present a stripped down but “usual format” GUI instead of the sugar interface on PC’s

The other thing is going from using a Linux system to another Linux system , I’m not keen on the XO with a fedora core since the command line codes are not compatible with the command line for the main stream Linux OS Ubuntu. Eg “apt-get” for Ubuntu as opposed to “yum” for Fedora. I see the use of the XO not just as a learning tool but as a stepping stone to main stream Linux, avoiding other very costly operating $ystems.

Anyway I have been playing around with sugar on old pc hardware because I can appreciate the idea of continuity. shows my attempts at installing sugar on Simply Mepis Linux operating system; what I like about this idea it that it gives the opportunity of being able to use the sugar interface for children, or the Simply Mepis interface for older children. Also the core is Debian and under the hood has many similarities to Ubuntu, at least on the command line they both use “apt-get instal …”

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