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Hidden SSID Difficulties With Procedure 2008-02-06

Just got my olpc this morning. Trying to connect to my wifi network. I have a hidden name and MAC filtering. I was able to find the olpc MAC address and enter it into the router. BUT in trying to use the instructions for inputing the wifi hidden name into the olpc I get an error. su -l after hitting return here a prompt comes up:-bash-3.2# I assume that is correct

/sbin/iwconfig eth0 mode managed essid <myhiddennetwork>

After hitting return an error says: syntax error near unexpected token 'newline'

/sbin/dhclient eth0

I also tried entering all 4 lines without any returns and I get the error: networkname no such file or directory.

Specific Router Difficulties Solved By Reconfiguration 2008-05-25

When we took the OLPC computer to our Granddaughter the neighborhood view would not display the home WiFi router (D-Link DIR-655). We could log onto unsecured routers in the housing area, but not the D-link. The script (WPA_Manual_Setting#Option_4:_Manual_Script) did not solve the problem. After trying many items we decided to try re-configuring the D-Link DIR-655. The D-Link was set for 802.11n and not channel 1, 6 or 11. Once we set the DIR-655 for both 802.11g & 802.11n plus set the channel for 11 it worked perfectly. If you can't see your WiFi router, try the following steps: 1) Configure the router to support 802.11g, 2) Configure the router to use Channel 11 (or 1, 6), 3) Use the script to automate the pass-phrase login. -- Anonymous, 2008-05-25.

Hidden SSID Unspecified Difficulties 2008-10-25

Butting in... Iā€™m having difficulty applying the old terminal hack for hidden SSIDs to the new build. Is there a new method to deal with SSIDs? Am I just doing it wrong? -- Anonymous, 2008-10-25.
I'm having the same problem. -- Anonymous, 2010-01-29

Dark Indicator, No Scan Results 2009-09-09

The network indicator is dark even though in the terminal I get an on reading for the radio. No network access points or other users appear in the Sugar interface. -- Anonymous, 2009-09-09

Only Sometimes Works 2011-01-08

I see my router (a Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7270), but succeed in logging in on only about 1 in 5 to 10 attempts. When I succeed things work fine: i have upgraded the OS, surfed the web, etc. -- Anonymous, 2011-01-08
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