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Animal health has moved to it's own page.

If you came looking for that content, please go here instead.

Watch This Space


Messing with .info file

Draft file [Library] name = Animal_health global_name = long_name = Animals and Health library_version = 1 host_version = 1 l10n = false locale = en category = subcategory = icon = activity = Browse activity_start = bundle_index.html Not sure how to assign global_name. Will host_version be 2 by the time this comes together? With any luck, "locale = en" can be expanded to something morelike "locales = en_US;en_UK;es_PE;es_AR;" Categorization? category = health or category = science sub-category? Find or create an new icon for this or does uniwiki.png or science.png fit? May not matter, this is only at top category level, not bundle level.

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