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  • olpc.c: adjust the default EC wakeup mask to allow EC timer wakeups (need to figure out how to nicely expose EC timer functionality to userspace)


  • libertas_sdio: cache firmware at driver level (#11811, #11813) (need to fix real bug)


  • In staging, needs love.
  • OLPC DCON: make con_cursor check blank state (#11940)


  • viafb: suspend/resume support [merged in part, probably can't upstream more now]



  • 1ed699dae440 james cameron's fix for bad RTC reads, appears to fix #10757


  • of/irq: use of_find_property() to check for interrupt-controller [submitted but no longer relevant]
  • gpio-vx855: add device tree binding [submitted]
  • OFW changes
  • x86 needs to probe gpio-leds

Historical stuff

from original processing of 2.6.35 branch

To drop, or obsoleted

  • 47687d85bab67bb8f4499cc0ffe85f29b87d9f59 Cleanup OLPC PCI config options [first week]
  • 23e54dfbcd53f3f42cdc5f49b48457d7fb315473 [MMC] Add 400ms to CAFE SD controller resume path [first week]
  • 7baf1474a4166cec4ba3332eccc02307b38deba8 OLPC: Add XO-1.5 config option [first week]
  • f506c359eab171ebff2b0183c0857058207b3929 viafb: Do not probe for LVDS/TMDS on OLPC XO-1.5 [obsoleted] [01/10/2010]
  • 69ad65299b819a7d5e345abcacaf8a2211b327a8 viafb: A more rational default I2C/GPIO configuration [obsoleted] [01/10/2010]
  • c19da8ae7f02d6a4beb64f700913731ba26674f8 Use our APIC, even though we're not Intel or AMD. [codepath not hit] [30/09/2010]
  • f085f327f384a3762d79af81c012d070ccdeb2ef SDHCI: Ignore write-protect on XO-1.5 boards B3 and previous [drop support for test boards] [01/10/2010]
  • 01bf6b5898defa220df1e70b668a4e00a622443b Re-enable SDIO card interrupts on a card-stays-powered resume [see #10377] [02/10/2010]
  • 05096c9f383049090363ba81324fbd3fa20218be add missing "async_int_mode" bit [bit already set]
  • c742f977527067850b13ee8e4ca49f800b774c91 condition the verbose EC cmd/transmit/reeive messages on a module parameter [obsoleted] [07/10/2010]
  • c3000f0a9f0a5adb0e5cf1b1c074e428c7d1d0b pci: do not delay when changing power states on OLPC [does nothing] [20/10/2010]
  • ea6eee49853596a48e0c49db7e59b67a4fb3a2e4 Remove sleep without wake params check from main.c [obsoleted by upstream] [24/10/2010]
  • b2023a1fbd16b62aa66554d251afa059d1ae4902 add hack to ensure swsusp_pg_dir is available to us [obsoleted] [29/10/2010]
  • 83c973eef682f00c268f2b6a37b5cb7646409f14 [PATCH] Add a notifier list for VT console modes [not used anymore] [13/01/2011]
  • a444d83a8b3a6b84c65394c98e7de94bd71ce991 Revert "cs5535: drop the Geode-specific MFGPT/GPIO code" [not used anymore] [13/01/2011]
  • 8712df1f2539d221bae211815ed160ef09f2c4a0 cs5535 gpio: don't require !Geode [not used anymore] [13/01/2011]
  • reboot=acpi drop requirement [30/04/2011]
  • 6d59b09a4ab5c8bbb47599b762362985957bab8b libertas: readd private ioctls again [can't get mesh LED working with this in 2.6.31 anyway]
  • 2bb1c83f38239f0d43cbd1f893ced7f8704b54b0 more debug support [assuming not needed]
  • edfce95fcb91607f772973a242dfddb16eab97ab minor debug-only changes, for improved tracing [assuming not needed]
  • 7bdf86872690af617e1ec6df4b8a324bc53acdbd Add OLPC Power Management Support [was split up]
  • bc3a5ac15294e9c2638623dc509d6b0e95d24058 pm: add a kconfig option to allow disabling of console switch during suspend
  • 8d0709bec7fee17d5e1c16bece39d4b00ef61f9d add the callback hooks that let olpc_battery.c learn about battery and AC events.
  • 1978e14be2d777bc1a51d06f9f1af5d4d0b786c9 acpi sleep: add suspend/resume hooks
  • e6d1e11f77b947a815f178f8a6fbd60bdcb366bc add ability to control lid wakeups
  • 239b8f6de79cf05a6cf3de6168c6fc4aa8440ba2 reimplement XO-1 lid event management.
  • e09d16be20660416fb63c7b933f3bcb08fb4d3ab add Via gpio access macros for XO-1.5 [only needed for WLAN_RESET# patch]
  • e9bee721fb0cc303286d1fe5df4930ce79b0b1e0 OLPC-specific change to enforce WLAN_RESET# behavior after power is applied. [not needed - see ticket #10270]
  • c04b423feb945d2b6ce9b6e872ce7eaacca6530d OLPC: USB individual port power-up. [no longer needed]
    • wad: That patch clears the root hub port status change bits for all USB ports. Probably to keep the driver from responding to the resume ? (p. 286 of the CS5536 data sheet)


  • 5d532a97bd0a0619f302bc4bbc01c8f0a8de11bd viafb: Use proper register for bgcolor when doing MONO blits [first week]
  • 004d0d77a196a336cf4d9f6f4691224fdd15e711 OLPC: add board IDs [first week]
  • 9b5a4ce73121e62ca0c55f4b705117c13efea3a1 Disable Geode and VSA check on XO-1.5 [first week]
  • 4c2798eeb7d0980cd76f28e80bc023b06c3f2767 olpc_battery: Fix endian neutral breakage for s16 values. [01/10/2010]
  • 1d8907a12c577321d694a2ef0ff52b1b2d723bff [MFD] Add VIA VX855 multi-function device [01/10/2010]
  • 32544afd99da171caa2f64213ed3e10822fc38e3 ov7670: implement VIDIOC_ENUM_FRAMEINTERVALS [07/10/2010]
  • de533691d4a7ed9b54b44855e159c7fe3ba72b87 Revert "V4L/DVB (6027): Get rid of an ill-behaved msleep in i2c write" [07/10/2010]
  • 734ca5c6b3f91144e400eede06775d0ff14510f6 [CAFÉ CCIC] Use mdelay() instead of msleep() for smbus write [07/10/2010]
  • 0dcb5bcdb0e031b372d90a7ba62704ecaab0f59b cafe_ccic: Implement VIDIOC_ENUM_FRAMEINTERVALS and ENUM_FRAMESIZES [07/10/2010]
  • 9c6b022a6ea5bcc7b30f472be319c8eeca508de8 ov7670: implement ENUM_FRAMESIZES [07/10/2010]
  • 9c14c3298954bea98b2ad1da222b2fc7d9c2e8f9 don't retry ec commands forever [08/10/2010]
  • e69514b92a722fb9dc76b2c17cf0c691a6cf2018 OV7670: disable QVGA mode (#10231) [alternate applied] [21/10/2010]
  • 38a7d962579d27335e437d3d6f607701c45092d7 ov7670: Not all sensors are clocked for 30fps [23/10/10]
  • 699d660bc550be96459dd1414f0ff1ddaac3ab50 Add config option to control OV7670 default max frame rate parameter [23/10/10]
  • 91b2943c01eb46ffc7f794c6b22f73f18f3be099 ov7670: remove QCIF mode [23/10/10]
  • 352dcc576919ed6cc42a769d85b84fe72d6f754c via: enable DMA code [23/10/10]
  • 81b6aeae428730ecae98d176f83a669cc3084049 viafb: add a driver for the video capture engine [23/10/10]
  • a4b3babd9f8a525ca755f103336ebc80d5d6f3fa This patch fixes the libertas driver incorrectly reporting that Wake-on-LAN is not supported [26/10/10]
  • d81db81d338e32dab677157d58ad04996cfb859e let usb_tx_block() pass back the error from usb_submit_urb() [27/10/10]
  • 3546d506e864f41d611cf70b202a62c3c9246e2d bypass failing check for firmware presence [30/10/10]
  • 8a4e13049b19d8e23200f73f739ad2f58dd77c2f add TEMPORARY hacks to set the two wakeup enable bits necessary for wlan wakeups to work. [07/11/10]
  • dd392a134a44da66a8ff3eb7d9df46a152688854 cafe_ccic: fix up locking during suspend (hopefully..) [09/11/10]
  • a21afbebd57edd049b3f73fe3f889d5110f7858b viafb: Create a more general power management infrastructure [11/11/10]
  • 3dfb2cfd4919374db4e3df4f5364fb35fa1508fa viafb: suspend/resume for GPIOs [11/11/10]
  • 1a06729d50da5a03604d717d5d8e60401a6f4370 viafb: Fix the i2c port config for XO 1.5 [11/11/10]
  • e8ea127af249182cd3a38e3eaaa7cc570c4332f9 HGPK: Add PenTablet mode [13/11/10]
  • d35a406c417d751f7c76d2d6e16ad8c5b558a360 [JFFS2] Speed up mounts by inreasing INO_CACHE_HASHSIZE to 1024 [13/11/10]
  • 472580e2a819361b4b1fac720166e6aff428d6cd revise the hacks in the hgpk driver for better touchpad performance. [18/11/10]
  • a6fec5c0c2e210c893009570e5d6c0460530deea fix up the powersave mode [18/11/10]
  • 1c7b9523ae88fd7c63a0a3b9f950c46cafe374fb condition some debug messages on tpdebug [18/11/10]
  • f0a19802767960cbcbc4179c8d70a0b378b84dce Refuse to submit EHS_REMOVE_WAKEUP command on OLPC XO-1 [18/11/10]
  • e9e070d361777ec0bb3038878bcee403f3f277fe formerly we skipped the CMD_802_11_HOST_SLEEP_CFG command [18/11/10]
  • 6ce88ef4a9e3743831e6dedcf9124a68f69f7bae fix usage of EHS_REMOVE_WAKEUP macro [18/11/10]
  • ce1024bc71872a8bedd3a61d771eada201fd25fb Add promfs support [13/01/11]
  • 78b599db1b8b81b6028d0bfd06a0f9cb23101f51 PROMFS: x86 architecture support [13/01/11]
  • 75ad2ff8a8e794681ed44e80a72eb84cd22b09d9 switch rtc cmos driver to use dev_pm_ops. [13/01/11]
  • 1d9300fe3d9d3f6cb9b9de753f9b8fb81a5817bf The maximum ("full") charge of the battery is required for UPower [13/01/11]
  • c15d111e7c0fbef206f0e29588cd67429ca8813d CHARGE_NOW is needed by UPower to return the current capacity ('Percentage'). [13/01/11]
  • 5caf81f363f755a7b28ab84ef4f2096a5785604c CURRENT_AVG is actually CURRENT_NOW [13/01/11]
  • 66785bc173b848f3a75ff89a7165e2c6463d37ba don't reference the non-existent ambient temperature sensor on XO-1.5 [13/01/11]
  • a4f07f2c45ab5b8d8f71347cacadbc4e741fb89c initial support for the XO ebook switch [16/02/11]
  • via-camera S/R [04/03/2011]
  • OLPC: Use device tree for platform identification [16/03/2011]
  • 001bc11f24fc4621e841a3bfafbaab317ba6ac29 apply marvell's fix for [09/05/11]
  • 42888b6e23bf2210fb85906719fcb6ab8886b5b2 add a flag ("is_host_suspending") [09/05/11, not 100% sure this is gone but lets see if it comes back]
  • 01a654ee73bf63d4cde0c7fb2762e0a15bdee58a libertas: Added callback functions to support SDIO suspend/resume. [09/05/11, something v similar upstream]
  • cae3741052fbae058eb500f83cb9b2a95215d1bb don't wait for a callback and wakeup if the HOST_SLEEP_ACTIVATE command failed [09/05/11, assuming OK upstream]
  • viacam-alias add module alias [09/05/11]
  • remove magic opts requirement [22/05/11]
  • a433d326d0fa2183edd21c813ce94c84a46a55b7 make sure all list_del() and list_add() operations are spinlock-protected. [22/05/11]
  • libertas sd8686 reset_card support [06/11]
  • 7347698254bc2cba68a5f244da4376ae56f0a563 OLPC: Add rfkill driver [XO-1 applied, XO-1.5 to be reworked with runtime pm]
  • libertas: fix handling of command timeout, completion and interruption [12/07/11]
  • mmc: fix runtime PM with -ENOSYS suspend case [20/07/11]
  • libertas: mesh: misc cleanup [21/07/11]
  • libertas: only enable mesh when interface is active [21/07/11]
  • evtest one-shot query mode [26/07/11]
  • x86, olpc-xo15-sci: enable EC wakeup capability [26/07/11]
  • mmc: enable runtime PM by default [26/07/11]
  • libertas: link mesh device to wiphy [10/08/11]
  • libertas_usb: use USB interface as parent device [10/08/11]
  • libertas_usb: program OLPC EC wakeup mask for wake-on-WLAN [10/08/11]
  • libertas: disable functionality when interface is down [10/08/11]
  • libertas: implement if_sdio runtime power management [10/08/11]
  • x86, olpc: Wait for last byte of EC command to be accepted ticket #11054 [10/08/11]
  • olpc_battery: bind to device tree [01/09/11]
  • olpc_battery: add wakeup support [01/09/11]
  • mmc: add a short delay in mmc_power_off [20/09/11]
  • look for mesh firmware in usb8388 [andres sent and merged] [20/09/11]
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