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Welcome to the School Server - Community Edition (XS-CE) project. XS-CE is a school or classroom based server which extends the communication capabilities of connected laptops.

Getting Started with XS-CE

Get started by downloading and installing the current XS-CE version .

Getting Help with XS-CE

Direct questions/comments to mailing list: http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/server-devel

Testing would be WONDERFUL. Are we tough enough? Start here: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Holt/XS_Community_Edition/0.2/Test_Plan

Report bugs and feature requests to https://sugardextrose.org/projects/xs-config

IRC (community chat) channel #schoolserver at busy times on irc.freenode.net

Weekly voice meeting are held on Skype 8PM NYC Time Thursdays (email if you want to join)

Human contact: holt @ laptop.org

Upcoming version of XS-CE

Learn more about the short term goals for the upcoming XS-CE version .

Vision for of XS-CE

Learn more about the long term goals at XS-CE Vision .


Design documents: Design Document, Use cases, and Release Priorities. See also latest Spec and Roadmap within the above.

Original OLPC XS design and implementation available at OLPC School Server

Legacy 2013 Install Recipe for XO-1.75 (ARM).
Legacy 2012 Install Recipe for XO-1.5 (i386), XO-1.75 (ARM) and larger servers. Other Fedora 17+ platforms later.


Related Projects


Sep 2012 Agenda

Toronto area hack sprint Sept 16-23, incl public demo Saturday Sept 22.

Oct 2012 Agenda

Working w/ Alex Kleider's model classroom @ http://olpcSF.org/summit & http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugarcamp_SF_2012

Nov 2012 Agenda

Centred around Toronto area hack sprint Nov 10-18:

Expand testing+UX with Anna Schoolfield, Tim Moody & Seneca College students' packaging with York Univ/Seneca College Professor Chris Tyler.

Meet with Anish Mangal and Nathan Riddle near Detroit etc to discuss wider community integration.

Dec 2012 Agenda

Jamaica implementation sprint (delayed)

Jan 2013 Agenda

Proposed Core Spec and Priority Tuning

Feb 2013 Agenda

Toronto/Waterloo area Sprint Feb 6/7 to 10/11.

Release of XS-CE 0.1 Stable and 0.2 Coming.

Mch 2013 Agenda

Boston meetup Mch 1-4 with Sameer Verma, Anish Mangal. Early pre-field test possibility in Haiti.

Apr 2013 Agenda

More pre-field testing eg. Flint, Michigan? NZ? Where else?

May 2013 Agenda

New Hampshire or Toronto-area Sprint May 8-13?

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