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School Server - Community Edition is volunteer projected designed to be easily adopted by OLPC, deployments, or other service providers for deployment in schools. Initial development is driven by motivated micro-deployments and OLPC-Australia.


The primary objective for School Server - Community Edition 0.3 will be to clean up and modularize the existing code base to ease future development and maintenance while reducing the learning cure for potential developers. Several deployments have been using various school servers for several years. Their needs are well understood. These deployments have forked development rather than coordinate with a central upstream to maintain their local modifications.

Scope and aim

The goal is to make A XS-CE version which can serve as an wireless access point for a school with several extended features as listed at User:Holt/XS_Community_Edition/0.3/Project_Specifications


Final release TBD (April 2013)

We will release new images and rpms every week until the release on TBD (April 2013) During face to face sprints rpms will be released daily.

This release will form XS-CE 0.3. All the upgrades, besides being published as installation images, will be distributed in the form of incremental rpm updates and images as well, so no reinstallation from scratch should be required.

The release will contain the following features:

  • Working core
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