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Your School Server

A school server provides communication, networking, content, and maintenance to a school and or classroom. In everyday usage the school server provides services which extend capabilities of the connected laptops while being transparent to the user. These services include:

  • Classroom connectivity – Similar to what you would find in an advanced home router.
  • Internet gateway – If available, an internet connection is made available to laptops.
  • Content - Tools are available for deployments and teachers to make instructional media available to their schools and classrooms.
  • Maintenance - Tools are available to keep laptop updated and running smoothly.

What's New in Your School Server

  • Web server -- Building block for many other extended services
  • Proxy server and web cache --bandwidth, web-filtering, web-monitoring
  • OLPC-update -- OLPC-update is necessary to update the kernel of XO
  • Activity update -- Enables teachers to easily distribute new or updated activities to their students
  • Backup/Restore -- Automatically creates backups students journals and enables teachers to restore those backups as needed.
  • Statistics generation and collection -- Enables developments to easily generate and collect laptop usage date
  • Virtual Private Network -- Creates secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities

XSCE 0.4, expected August 2013, will focus on reliability and configurability while expanding support for communities like Raspberry Pi. Advanced content options will include Internet in a Box and Pathagar ebooks.

As the spec and roadmap come together in coming weeks, please bring your specific needs (and contributions?) together for all at server-devel@lists.laptop.org, thanks!


Version 0.4 should run on XO-1.5, XO-1.75, XO-4, x86 and x64 -- with experimental support for XO-1, Trimslice, and Raspberry Pi also possible.

Installing Your School Server

Start by installing a School Server.

Installing (Work In Progress)

Testing Your School Server

Test the School Server to make sure that it will operate reliably with your hardware under your circumstances.

Testing (Work In Progress)

Configuring Your School Server

Configure your school server to meet your needs.

Configuring (Work In Progress)

Hacking Hacking Your School Server

Adapting the School Server to meet your specific needs

The Future of Your School Server

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