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School Server - Community Edition (XSCE) is volunteer projected which provides communication, networking, content, and maintenance capabilities to a school and or classroom. It is designed to be easily adopted by existing OLPC deployments or other similar education projects.


The primary objective for XSE 0.4 will be scaling the project. The objectives for releases 0.1 to 0.3 were quite narrowly defined because of the need to establish a stable foundation while modularizing the structure. This eases development and maintenance while reducing the learning curve for potential developers and users.

Deployments using existing School Server variants should be able to start rebasing on XSCE 0.4. Several deployments have been using school servers for several years. Their needs are well understood. Their feedback is invaluable.

Scope and aim

The goal of XSCE version 0.4 which can can be found at Project Specifications.


Jul 7/8 - Jul 12/13 Sprint in Manitoba may accelerate the outline below:

Aug 5 Feature Freeze and RC1 release

Aug 12 RC2 release

Aug 19 Final release

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