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Fabiana Kubke
Country = New Zealand

Nationality = Argentina
Occupation = Scientist, Tertiary teacher
Languages = English, Spanish


My contributions

My sandbox

My sandbox

New image setup

Putting a new image on X0-1.0

  • shut down
  • put usb in
  • press either escape key (cross at top left of keyboard) or gaming keys (the little group of 4 keys at the right of the screen
  • at the prompt write copy-nand u:\os353.img (or whatever number that may be)
  • let it do its thing
  • type bye and remove usb

Putting a new image on X0-1.5

  • Shut down
  • Put in the usb
  • Restart but pressing escape ('x' at far left top)
  • at the prompt write fs-update u:\os353.zd (or whatever number that may be)
  • press enter
  • let it do its thing
  • when you get the ok prompt type reboot and take out the usb
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