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Pretty low-key week; lots of turbulence. Mostly laying groundwork for upcoming events.



  • Developers program workflow (also cleared all but 4 from current queue)
  • Setting up Naperville test bed with kids for week after next.


  • Melanie's first day at the office, introducing to Python. Coordinating for game engine development for Game Jam in 2 weeks.
  • Mother visits office. Productivity ceases.


  • Out for first half of day - appointment.
  • Continued fixing scope so we can test power circuits for voltage regulator; discovered oscope is broken irreparably (missing too many parts that are hard to source). Whoops.
  • Some minor repair center work... nothing overly exciting.


  • Mia arrived at the office, began doing environmental impact studies; spent a few hours setting her up in the office
  • Began curriculum development for math workshop
  • FINALLY got office space bill settled. Have so much respect for accountants now...
  • More Jam planning - starting work on game engines to be used at event.
  • Teacher Jam still looking for a date/time.


4th of July. Made sumptuous BBQ with friends.


  • oscope fix
  • @home: kforest xo - repair (for fun)
  • Browse accessibility testing
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