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I’m educational researcher, the creator of the “Papillon” method and author of the online schoolbook "GOLD DUST". Based on the idea of writing a childrens book a study project developed. Thirst for knowledge and interest in topics taken from literature, history, philosophy and art as well as openness for science, environmental topics and new media have influenced the development of the Online Schoolbook GOLD DUST.

This project is based on many years of development work. It includes:

1. Fantasy Story „GOLD DUST” [1]

1.1 Book I “The Incorruptible” Engl. [2]

1.2 Buch I „Der Unbestechliche“ German [3]

2. Interactive Online Schoolbook „GOLD DUST” [4] A cool new multi-book-format. Come and explore.

3. EinsteinWiki [5] We love to learn. The interactive schoolbook that you can edit, update and improve. It makes passion the primary tool for learning.

4. "Papillon" [“Butterfly”] educational concept [6]

5. Papillon - Research and Development [7]

6. Testing the model project successfull in practice[8]at the Ellen-Key Grammar School in Berlin [9]

7. Survey from the University of Technology, Berlin [10] with regard[11]

8. Online Platform – Learning in the 21st century [12]

9. Einstein21 - The great dynamic book of inspiration, where imagination meets reality - interactive, interdisciplinary, transferable to all digital texts, updateable and adapted to the 21st Century [13]

10. Since 2007 Papillon participates in the educational project “One Laptop per Child" with the ambitious aim to cooperate in the development of educational materials for the XO and collects experiences with further learning communities.

My native language is German. Please feel free to correct my English and give me your feedback and comments. I’m happy to answer your questions.

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