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Thank you for your reading my profile:

Contact me

  • skype: svenaerts
  • email: SvenAERTS at laptop dot org
  • phone: + 32 2 7 876 7 21
  • irc ... during my time at OLPC Europe I was on most of the olpc channels, announcing all other collaborators worldwide that OLPC Europe had logged in and ready for action.
  • OLPC Belgium

Why I am involved

I've had the priveledge during my Youth to get involved in an International Youth Organisation called Youth Environment Europe, it made me a better person and I want to give back all I learned there to nowadays youth, to coach them the best I can, to share, built upon what previous youth generation have built and to take part in mankind's ultimate event: the creation of World Peace... and nothing less... and I think it is great to be part of this One Laptop Per Child, Universal Primary Education initiative in which the United Nations is a Partner, and knowing that I'll be able to tell my children and their children and their children and their children that their grand-dad was part of that exciting and inspiring generation, back in the old days of around the 2nd Millennium, transforming and leading humanity back into a sustainable society finally. And I hope to inspire others to be part of the movement. :)

  • Till the age of 35, I was an official EU Youth Trainer (one of 200 recognized by the EU, as per EU Salto Youth Trainers Database)
  • so far there was 1 seminar and trainingscourse that won a reward by the European Comission and the Directorate General of Education and Culture, and we had a workshop in Turkey in june 2006 where 25 youth leaders from 15 countries gathered on the topic: IT for Youth Initiatives, which resulted in the creation of a Virtual Office for all Youth Initatives in the world - hosted on the servers of a Polish University - and the YouthandtheOLPCinitiative.
  • you can meet me regularly in :)

I live in Belgium-Brussels

    • Louizalaan, av. Louise
    • B-1000 Brussel - BELGIUM
    • Skype: SvenAERTS

Brussels is considered to be the Capital of Europe and Capital of the Largest CO2e-Emission Trading Scheme on the Planet ... so I'm often at EU-meetings and conferences both in my own name and in name of customers I represent.


  • Leadership Developer for the Low Carbon Green Economy - "Kyoto Protocol" Consultant and CO2e-Reducing Project Promotor
  • Engineer Environmental Technologies
  • - Post Graduate in International Relations & World Peace Deployment
  • - Grad. as Car Mechanic in Hybrid/EV/Hydromix Vehicles
  • - Grad. as Social Fiscal & Savings Advisor-Private Financial Planner
  • - Free Wifi Internet+Virtual Offices in Open Source Software
  • - EU Youth Trainer (one of 200 recognized by the EU, as per EU Salto Youth Trainers Database)

I've been working for


  • Email: SvenAERTS228 at gmail dot com
  • CHAT : iVisit: aertssven.5797 - ICQ: 113835655 - YahooID: aertssven -
  • SKYPE: SvenAERTS - AIM: aertssven1

Have a nice day...

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