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A video wiki player could be a content player for School TV that connected video content and wiki content in a way that allowed

  • to bundle video content and wiki content in one file
  • to select articles offered in the video content as bookmarks during the video
  • to select articles offered in the video for immediate consumption, suspending the video until the article was closed
  • to edit the article content with own annotations and enhancements
  • to share the edited wiki content
  • linking from wiki content to "video anchors" in the video or another video (on the internet or in a local media cache/library)

The rationale is that videos (e.g. lectures) can provide a convenient and artificially interesting entrance to a topic, which can then be employed to raise further interest for the wiki content, which in turn can raise further interest for literature mentioned in the wiki content. (a slippery slope towards reading up on an advanced topic, one could say)

In case of lectures the result can be an "interactive" professor who explains what is needed when it is needed and maintains conveniently available lecture notes.


References to new terms or difficult terms used in the video could join a list in a sidebar on the left. The references could be ordered in order of appearance and qualify the type of reference:

  • new definition
  • further information on topic
  • term should be known but is provided for easy lookup

Java applets could use a space with about the same dimensions as the video to the right of the video content. A Java Applet could, for instance, page through a collection of simulations related to the topic of the video.


Currently, there is no official standard for including metadata in Ogg containers. Implementation is still a long way off as of Quarter 3, 2007. The Xiph.Org Foundation are currently welcoming suggestions and feedback (Wikipedia)

One could probably use CMML (timed metadata) for just-in-time references to other content and encode wiki content with a tar/bzip2 codec in the same file. One could also allow Java Applets in wiki content. The player could, for instance, allow a special Java Applet to extend the player and to receive events for timed metadata.

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