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January 17th
Jim Gettys at the Linux Conference (lca2007.linux.org.au) University of New South Wales in Australia
January 11th
Filmed at the CES 2007 in Las Vegas (video-blog.eu), Michail Bletsas talking about the Mesh Wi-Fi, as well as video of the OLPC running Pepper Linux OS, demo of it outdoors, interview with Marvell and demonstration of the Csound music synthetiser software.
January 3rd
Philip Van Hoof showing the demo user interface of tinymail (youtube.com) on the laptop


December 19th
Presentation de la XO dans "les carnets du renard Roux" (fr)
December 2nd
Nicholas Negroponte's keynote at NetEvents.tv (NetEvents.tv)

Nicholas Negroponte, Seymour Papert, and Walter Bender talking about the educational mission of the laptop (techreview.com)
November 29th
Nicholas Negroponte interviewed by Argentinian Dominio Digital TV, showing the XO and talking about it (youtube.com)
November 22nd
Demo of the OLPC User Interface (youtube.com) by harrybro
November 3rd
Nicholas Negroponte speaking at Forrester's Consumer Forum (media.podtech.net) in Chicago (audio only)
October 4th
Mark J. Foster at Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium (stanford.edu)
September 12th
Walter Bender at Ars Electronica Simplicity (aec.at) (audio only)
August 29th
Chris Blizzard at Red Hat Summit (video.google.com) (starts at 38 minutes and 35 seconds in the video)
August 1st
Nicholas Negroponte keynote at TED (tedblog.typepad.com)
July 28th
OLPC booting with linuxbios (youtube.com)
July 25th
Nicholas Negroponte speaks at the Lecture Series of the Americas (oas.org)
Speech in the third video,
Q&A in the fourth video (5m42 into the speech video audio becomes better)
July 13th
NECC 2006, Nicholas Negroponte keynote (not complete), Dan Williams of Red Hat (video.google.com), video by eSchool News
July 6th
NECC 2006, Nicholas Negroponte, David Thornburg, Ian Jukes interviews (uoregon.edu)
June 6th
Working Prototype (siliconvalleysleuth.com)
May 30th
Michail Bletsas interview (youtube.com)
May 29th
Raoul Weiler presentation (youtube.com)

Raoul Weiler, Rolando Berger of Club of Rome at the Netsquared Conference in the Santa Clara Hilton (youtube.com)
May 23rd
OLPC demo in Boston (video.google.com) (51 seconds)
May 5th
Nicholas Negroponte keynote at WCIT Austin Texas (wcitvideo.com)
January 27th
Nicholas Negroponte audio-interview at the World Economic Forum (forumblog.org)


December 19th
Nicholas Negroponte on Charlie Rose TV show (video.google.com)
November 17th
Mary Lou Jepsen interview at the WSIS in Tunisia (andycarvin.com)
November 16th
Press Conference with Kofi Annan at the WSIS in Tunisia (itu.int) (at the bottom of the page)
September 28th
Nicholas Negroponte at the MIT (mit.edu)
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