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  • SvenAERTS - Went to Cambodia 2013 03 26 to 2013 04 06.
  • Alain - Lead zero investment loan for an OLPC-XO deployment kick-off. Alain is a retired french origin entrepreneur, settling in Cambodia and looking for a nice project. He met Sven AERTS in 2013 03 30; learned about OLPC and CO2e certificates and got hooked. A follow-up meeting was organized with some friend co-investor partners in Cambodia - all retired frenchies. All got an update on OLPC and OLPCO2e. It was decided they were going to offer a zero interest loan for of one 20 foot container load of some 3000 OLPC-XO's and PV panels. A meeting is foreseen in the Cambodian Country Club resort in Phnom Pengh together with the Sunrise Childrens Villages staff.
  • Sunrise Children Villages Orphinages - 2013 03 20 Sven AERTS took-up contact with the staff, both in Cambodia and Australia. 2013 04 02 They met physically in the Phnom Pengh-Ta Khmao [1] Sunrise Village with the Sunrise Cambodia Manager and the Sunrise Cambodia ICT manager-teacher. Both for an update on OLPC, OLPCO2e. A limited and conditional partnership agreement was prepared. The team is ready to get into a negotiation with the "Alain investor team".

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