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These are the changes planned for the XO-4 C1 prototype, from the B1 prototypes. The list of changes made to the B1 prototypes as part of testing is the XO-4 B1 ECO list.


B1 Electrical Fixes

These changes fix problems in the B1 prototypes:

B1 Layout Fixes

Display Screws

The layout has to change to make room for display mounting screws intruding into the motherboard area.

Correct IR PCB FFC Connector

The connector for the FFC cable to the IR PCB assembly had its pinout reversed accidentally in B1. This was fixed in B1 units by using a reversed FFC with an ugly bend.

  • Ensure that CN5 has the correct layout.

B1 Mechanical Changes

Display Mounting

The Display mounting screws in C1 will be the same as current XO-1.75 production. The B1 prototypes used a shorter screw to avoid damaging the motherboard. The motherboard will have to be modified to allow for an intrusive display screw boss.

Speaker Mounting

This has to improve. It failed in 20% of the units in shipping air freight from QSMC to Cambridge!

Touchscreen FFC Connector

How is the cable connected to avoid stressing the connector on the IR PCB ?

Planned Feature Changes

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