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In the pre-production SKUs, vendors are explicitly specified, allowing us to more easily identify problems specific to a particular component. In production, a particular SKU may contain various qualified parts for a specific component. This chart details the components used in XO-1.75 preproduction laptops:

XO-1.75 Qualification SKUs
B1 198 Hynix 128Mx8, H5TQ1G83TFR-H9C Toshiba 4GB 32nm, THGBM3G5D1FBAIE chewy
199 Samsung 128Mx8, K4B1G0846G-BCH9 Sandisk 4GB 32nm, SDIN5C2-4G crunchy
C1 200 Nanya 128Mx8, NT5CB128M8DN-CF Toshiba 8GB 24nm, THGBM4G6D2HBAIR grid T5
201 Hynix 256Mx8, H5TQ2G83BFR-H9C Toshiba 8GB 24nm, THGBM4G6D2HBAIR crunchy
202 Nanya 256Mx8, NT5CB256M8BN-CG Sandisk 8GB 32nm, SDIN5C2-8G grid T4 portuguese
Ramp 203 Hynix, 128Mx8, H5TQ1G83TFR-H9C SanDisk 4GB 32nm, SDIN5C2-4G grid T6
204 Hynix, 256Mx8, H5TQ2G83BFR-H9C Toshiba 8GB 24nm, THGBM4G6D2HBAIR Y crunchy
Testing 200X1 Nanya, 256Mx8, NT5CB256M8BN-CG Toshiba 4GB 24nm, THGBM4G5D1HBAIR Y various
200X2 Hynix, 128Mx8, H5TQ2G83TFR-H9C Toshiba 4GB 24 nm, THGBM4G6D2HBAIR Y various
200X3 Nanya, 256Mx8, NT5CB256M8BN-CG Sandisk 8GB 24 nm, SDIN5C2-8G-L Y various
200X4 Nanya, 256Mx8, NT5CB256M8BN-CG Sandisk 4GB 24 nm, SDIN5D2-4G Y various
200X5 Hynix, 256Mx8, H5TQ2G83CFR-H9C Toshiba 4GB 24 nm, THGBM5G5A1JBAIR Y various
200X6 Nanya, 256Mx8, NT5CB256M8GN-CG Toshiba 8GB 24nm, THGBM4G6D2HBAIR Y various
200X7 Hynix, 256Mx8, H5TQ2G83CFR-H9C Sandisk 4GB 24 nm, SDIN5D2-4G Y various
200X8 Hynix, 256Mx8, H5TQ2G83CFR-H9C Sandisk 4GB 24 nm, SDIN7DP2-8G Y various
200X9 Hynix, 256Mx8, H5TQ2G83CFR-H9C Micron 21A18 JW866 Y various
200XA Hynix, 256Mx8, H5TQ2G83CFR-H9C Micron 2LA18 JW866 Y various

LP Sus -- indicates that a SKU is capable of reaching the expected power levels in suspend, using the "hardware" suspend method.

Testing builds are small runs made during production to test new components.

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