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In the pre-production SKUs, vendors are explicitly specified, allowing us to more easily identify problems specific to a particular component. In production, a particular SKU may contain various qualified parts for a specific component. This chart details the components used in XO-4 preproduction laptops:

XO-4 Qualification SKUs
Build SKU CPU DDR3 DRAM eMMC Flash ROM Cam TP Keyboard
A2 none 1 GHz Hynix 256Mx16, H5TC4G63MFR-PBA Sandisk 4GB 24nm, SDIN5D2-4G-L OV various various
B1 291 1 GHz Hynix 128Mx16, H5TC2G63DFR-PBA SanDisk 4GB 24nm, SDIN5D2-4G-L OV Synaptics grid English
292 1 GHz Nanya 128Mx16, NT5CC128M16HP-DI SanDisk 8GB 24nm, SDIN5C2-8G-L OV AVC crunchy US/Intl
293 1 GHz Hynix 256Mx16, H5TC4G63MFR-PBA Toshiba 8GB 24nm, THGBM4G6D2HBAIR OV AVC crunchy US/Intl
294 1 GHz Hynix 128Mx16, H5TC2G63DFR-PBA SanDisk 4GB 24nm, SDIN5D2-4G-L OV Synaptics grid Spanish
C1 295 1 GHz Micron 256Mx16, MT41K256M16HA-125:E Toshiba 8GB 19nm, THGBM5G6A1JBAI OV AVC grid US/Intl
296 1.2 GHz Nanya 256Mx16, NT5CC256M16BP-D Toshiba 8GB 24nm, THGBM4G6D2HBAIR SETi Synaptic crunchy US/Intl
297 1.2 GHz Hynix 128Mx16, H5TC2G63DFR-PBA Toshiba 4GB 19nm, THGBM5G5A1JBAIR OV AVC grid US/Intl
298 1 GHz Micron 128Mx16, MT41K128M16JT-125:K Micron 4GB 24nm, MTFC4GMXEA-WT SETi Synaptic crunchy US/Intl

A2 and B1 builds came with the 802.11bg WLAN module (88W8686). C1 builds all have 802.11abgn WLAN modules (88W8787).

Testing builds are small runs made during production to test new components.

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