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One of the main objectives for OLPC is to allow local communities bring their knowledge, culture, stories and interests into the digital domain. In order for that to happen, the XO needs to be fully localized into the languages being used where the XO will be deployed.

Here's a table that points to the localization resource of all the software pieces that may/will/could be bundled into the laptops and are present in http://dev.laptop.org/. By Level we mean the level of exposure to the child or user in a 0-9 scale:

0 — being never - the particular piece is listed but will not be deployed;
3 — advanced user dealing or configuring with the OS/Linux components;
6 — sporadic or tuning a particular activity; and
9 — everyday
unk — currently undetermined level of exposure.

Obviously, the higher the level the more urgent for it to be localized for the pilot sites.

Level GIT /projects Description Locales Notes
unk artwork OLPC GTK+ theme and improvements, and software artwork artwork / po empty?
unk bios-crypto BIOS cryptography bits
unk bootmenu OLPC ROM User Interface
unk bundle-builder Unnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
unk chat-activity Chat Chat activity for Sugar
unk ebook-browser-reader Browser-based JavaScript eBook reader
unk ec Embedded Controller (EC) code, maintained by Quanta 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk ent ent tree manager
unk geode AMD Geode processor tree
unk geode-perf A performance test framework, and alternative implementations being tested for high use routines often used in libc (e.g. memcopy, strcmp, etc.).
unk geode-vsa Geode VSA
unk hardware-manager D-BUS daemon controlling the DCON
unk journal-activity Journal Journal activity
unk library-activity Library Content library activity
unk mtd Memory Technology Device tree mirror
unk ofw OpenFirmware 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk olpc-2.6 OLPC combined feature kernel tree
unk projects Unnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb. 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk projects/SRMulticast Scalable Reliable Multicast 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk projects/abiword-embed Write Embedded Abiword
unk projects/amiko Amiko A tamagotchi-like system status tool
unk projects/block-party-activity Block Party Tetris clone activity
unk projects/bundle-vault Bundle repository devtree. projects/bundle-vault / site / app / locale

cs, da, de, en-US, es-ES, eu, fr, he, it, ja, ko, pl, ro, ru, sk, sq, tr, zh_TW

unk projects/calc Software Release Notes#Calc / Calculate Calculator activity
unk projects/call-activity Video Chat One-on-one video call activity.
unk projects/capture Capture Camera activity
unk projects/connect-activity Connect Connect Four activity
unk projects/content-repo Content repository submission code 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk projects/csound CSound Unnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
unk projects/csound-demos A collection of demos of csound capabilities
unk projects/datastore OLPC datastore backend.
unk projects/deducto-activity Deducto 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk projects/develop-activity Develop Development activity/ view source editor
unk projects/edukt EduKT Content Multimedia Builder 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk projects/etoys Etoys OLPC Etoys authoring environment
unk projects/etoys-old OLPC Etoys authoring environment
unk projects/evince-olpc Evince Evince viewer with OLPC/Sugar embedding projects/evince-olpc / po

be.po, bg.po, bn.po, bn_IN.po, br.po, ca.po, cs.po, cy.po, da.po, de.po, dz.po, el.po, en_CA.po, en_GB.po, es.po, et.po, eu.po, fa.po, fi.po, fr.po, gl.po, gu.po, he.po, hi.po, hu.po, id.po, it.po, ja.po, ka.po, ko.po, ku.po, lt.po, lv.po, mk.po, nb.po, ne.po, nl.po, nn.po, pa.po, pl.po, pt.po, pt_BR.po, ro.po, ru.po, rw.po, sk.po, sl.po, sq.po, sr.po, sr@Latn.po, sv.po, ta.po, th.po, tr.po, uk.po, vi.po, wa.po, zh_CN.po, zh_HK.po, zh_TW.po

unk projects/fai-config FAI configuration for school server
unk projects/geode-aes Userspace interface to AES accelerator on Geode LX
unk projects/hellomesh An activity to demo the use of tubes
unk projects/hippo-xlib Experimental Hippocanvas port to xlib via cairo
unk projects/hulahop Gecko embedding widget based on pyxpcom
unk projects/idmgr Identity management for school servers projects/idmgr / idmgr / i18n
unk projects/kuku Kuku Educational quiz tutorial
unk projects/linux-mm-cc Compressed cache for Linux
unk projects/linuxbios Unnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
unk projects/lsmeshd Mesh node finder and mapper 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk projects/memorygame Memorize Memory game (also known as Concentration)
unk projects/memphis Memory usage tool for developers via Summer of Code
unk projects/mfgtrack Manufacturing tracking system
unk projects/olpc-utils OLPC-specific binaries included in the image builds.
unk projects/olpcflash Unnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
unk projects/olsr-2-mesh adding a gateway functionality from 802.11s meshes to OLSR meshes 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk projects/perotest testtree 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk projects/poppler-python Unnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
unk projects/presence-service Presence service for Sugar
unk projects/pyltc Python bindings for LibTomCrypt
unk projects/pynss Unnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb. 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk projects/pyologo PyoLogo A Logo interpreter in Python 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk projects/rgbpaint Draw Paint program projects/rgbpaint / po

rgbpoint.potcs.po, de_DE.po, es.po, fr.po, pl.po, pt.po, pt_BR.po, tr.po, zh_TW.po

unk projects/rgbpaint-embed C-Python bindings required in the paint application 403 Forbidden - Reading tree failed
unk projects/soc-acdc ACDC citizen network
unk projects/soc-eds External eBook data sources via Summer of Code
unk projects/soc-gtk OLPC GTK+ theme and improvements via Summer of Code
unk projects/soc-oepc One Encyclopedia Per Child tools via Summer of Code
unk projects/stirme-activity Stirme STIRME mesh elections activity
unk projects/tamtam TamTam Music and sound exploration for the OLPC projects/tamtam / Resources ??
unk projects/tinderbox OLPC system tinderbox
unk projects/trac-git A git versioning backend for the Trac versioning system
unk projects/turtleart-activity Turtle Art activity
unk projects/ubuntu-xen Ubuntu Xen packages
unk projects/ubuntu-xen-2.6.17 Ubuntu Xen packages for the 2.6.17 kernel
unk projects/wikiosity Wikipedia reading list generator
unk projects/write Write AbiWord for OLPC
unk projects/wysiwyg In-browser WYSIWYG editor for Yellow
unk projects/xbook Read OLPC PDF viewer projects/xbook / locale

es, pt

unk security Bitfrost platform and other security work
9 sugar Sugar Sugar graphical shell sugar / po

es.po, ha.po, ig.po, it.po, yo.po

unk sugar-jhbuild Sugar JHbuild repository
unk sugar-trial2 Sugar graphical shell sugar-trial2 / po

ha.po, ig.po, it.po, yo.po

unk users/cjb/kye-activity Sugarized version of the Kye PyGTK puzzle game.
unk users/cjb/systemtap-olpc OLPC systemtap build.
unk users/dilinger/cafe-camera CAFE camera driver
unk users/dilinger/cafe-sd CAFE SD driver delta
unk users/dilinger/olpc-2.6-img Script to create ext3 devel images w/ snapshot kernels
unk users/dilinger/olpc-2.6-rpm Build script and RPM bits for olpc-2.6 snapshot rpm
unk users/dilinger/psmouse-split psmouse driver split
unk users/dilinger/sysprof Unnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
unk users/dilinger/touchpad Touchpad psmouse driver
unk users/jcrouse/buildrom Buildrom script
unk users/jg/swschedule OLPC Taskjuggler schedule
unk users/jrmoser/perf Various performance work
unk users/jrus/email-spec Unnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
unk users/krstic/docformat OLPC markup spec (work in progress!)
unk users/krstic/olpcquotes Unnamed repository; edit this ... Everybody needs a laugh...
unk users/rverdejo/kbdleds-driver leds-olpc kernel driver
unk users/rverdejo/netnandwrite Allows you to write to NAND from an HTTP served image
unk web-activity Browse Web activity for Sugar web-activity / locale

es, pt

unk xf86-amd-devel This is not the X driver you are looking for

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