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The XS Community Edition content hereunder does not necessarily reflect the opinion of OLPC. These pages were created by members of the volunteer community supporting OLPC and deployments.


Autumn 2013 at last, to celebrate our 1-year anniversary creating community school servers, and our halfway point to v1.0, as we announce a doubleheader design & hack sprints over October and November!

XS(CE) Sprint Part 1: SF Crystallization

It's intensely exciting to see people from So Many countries (confirmed Oct 21-23) in or near San Francisco ("Community Summit") and then also Malaysia ("OLPC 2.0 -- the next journey") a month later! For starters, following SF's summit (Oct 18-20), and immediately preceding the Internet Archive's great Books in Browsers Summit of Oct 24-25, we will be meeting in downtown San Francisco here:


Wifi and electricity will be provided. However, bring your own power strips/bar and extension cords. We are meeting just over 2 blocks south of the "Civic Center/UN Plaza" BART subway stop:

 San Francisco Nonprofit Technology Center
 1370 Mission St
 San Francisco, CA 94103


The room holds a maximum of 10 people so it's essential that everyone RSVP, to get the access code to the building etc. Please give us a shout on server-devel@lists.laptop.org and get to know us quick on channel #schoolserver (that's on http://webchat.freenode.net) if you'd like to attend and contribute, thanks!

 Mon Oct 21st  12 Noon - 10 PM
 Tue Oct 22nd  10 AM - 10 PM
 Wed Oct 23rd  10 AM - 6 PM


Refine the purpose, lay out the architecture and finalize the specification of upcoming XS Community Edition 0.5 -- starting with this open-community planning document you can add suggestions to here:



  • Adam Holt
  • Anish Mangal
  • Anna Schoolfield (via Skype/irc)
  • Braddock Gaskill? (via Skype/irc)
  • David Farning
  • Daniel Drake? (via Skype/irc)
  • George Hunt
  • Jerry Vonau?
  • Tim Moody (via Skype/irc)
  • Tony Anderson?
  • Tom Gilliard (via Skype/irc)

Please write to server-devel @ lists.laptop.org and holt @ laptop.org if you are interested in attending, contributing, fishing, etc-- thanks!

XS(CE) Sprint Part 2: Malaysia Culmination

Then Nov 18-20 in Malacca, Malaysia brings a powerful new face to the OLPC community movement. This follows the wonderfully inderdisciplinary OLPC Basecamp 2013 (Nov 16-18), a continent-wide 100% community meeting, whose enlivening blog brings to light the breathtaking vitality behind our generation's epic humanitarian commitment.

Full details of the sprint will be announced soon in coming weeks, centered around XS(CE) but also much more!

We (devotees to digital/progressive learning of all kind, open invitation) can also join Thursday Nov 14 for the Malaysia dLEAP pre-deployment field visit, and Friday Nov 15 to get to know the historic community of Malacca itself! Finally, as the summit wraps up Monday Nov 18, the hack sprint itself will begin --- concluding on Wednesday November 20.

Those who join both above events in SF and Malaysia, will Truly Deserve their spots in the OLPC history books, when our full story is eventually written for the ages!


  • Adam Holt
  • Anish Mangal (via Skype/irc)
  • Anna Schoolfield (via Skype/irc)
  • Bernie Innocenti?
  • Braddock Gaskill (via Skype/irc)
  • Christoph Derndorfer
  • David Farning?
  • David Leeming?
  • George Hunt?
  • Jerry Vonau?
  • Mike Dawson?
  • Nancie Severs?
  • Sridhar Dhanapalan (via Skype/irc)
  • Tim Moody?
  • Tom Gilliard (via Skype/irc)
  • Tony Anderson
  • TK Kang

Please write to server-devel @ lists.laptop.org and holt @ laptop.org if you are interested in attending, contributing, fishing, etc-- thanks!

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