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The XS Community Edition content hereunder does not necessarily reflect the opinion of OLPC. These pages were created by members of the volunteer community supporting OLPC and deployments.

This is a dynamic list of features for the XS Community Edition ranging from wishlist items to items currently under development, towards defining XSCE 0.6 especially, for release in early 2014.

Please add features to this list and/or sign up to implement one of the features listed.

These features have detailed subpages. If you add a feature, you should also create a similar page to describe it and track progress on its implementation.

Nearing completion
In progress
Early stage
No details

Feature Owner Target Release Status
3G Support Basanta Shrestha 0.6 Ongoing Development
Authorization Framework George Hunt 0.6 Ongoing Development
Automatic Network Configuration Jerry Vonau 0.6 Ongoing Development
Better ARM Support Jon Nettleton 0.6 Ongoing Development
Email Server NO ONE 0.6 Needs an Implementer and a Design
Management Gui Miguel González Álvarez 0.5 50% done
Port to Ansible Anish, Miguel, Santi 0.5 Nearing completion (progress chart)
Power Management Jon Nettleton 0.6 Ongoing Development
Printer Gui NO ONE 0.6 Needs an Implementer
School Information Network Martin Dluhos 0.6 Needs an Implementer
Screen Sharing George Hunt 0.6 Experiments
SD Card Registration TK Kang 0.6 Ongoing Development
Startup Sound ? 0.6 Not Clear
User Management Framework Tony Anderson 0.6 Ongoing Development
User Portal Tim Moody, Tony Anderson 0.6 Server side framework done, needs translations and client side
Audience response system Santi 0.6 Ongoing Development
Online editor Santi 0.6 Ongoing Development
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