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The XS Community Edition content hereunder does not necessarily reflect the opinion of OLPC. These pages were created by members of the volunteer community supporting OLPC and deployments.



This is a set of dynamic lists of features for XS Community Edition ranging from items already implemented, to items currently under development, to wishlist items.

The lists reflect the current release, 5.0, as of February 2014 and make reference to planned releases. They are also meant to be more of a catalog than a full description or documentation of these features, some of which may be found elsewhere within this wiki.

Features Implemented

Feature Description Notes
Network Infrastructure
Network Configuration The School Server discovers the network adapters present and configures them automatically. It assigns host and domain names. The ability to override this configuration is planned.
DHCP Server The School Server can supply IP addresses to XOs and other machines on the LAN. This is an optional feature.
Gateway Services The School Server can act as a firewall and as a gateway to the internet and other machines on the WAN for machines on the LAN. This is an optional feature.
DNS Services The School Server can provide name resolution for XOs and other machines on the LAN. This is an optional feature.
Internet Content Filtering
Squid Squid caches internet content to lessen traffic and filters by destination. Installed by default.
Dansguardian Dansguardian filters internet content by keyword. Installed by default.
Wondershaper Wondershaper filters internet traffic by bandwidth. Installed by default.
Services for OLPC XO Clients
Identity Manager The School Server supports the OLPC XO functionality to register with the server for backup and collaboration. Requires client functionality.
Collaboration Services The School Server has an ejabberd server which controls centralized collaboration. Requires client functionality.
Backup The School Server permits XOs to upload journal files as a backup. Requires client functionality.
Download Activities The School Server has an option to load sugar activities and a link to download them to an XO. Requires client functionality.
Content Infrastructure
Apache Web Server The Apache Web Server is used by numerous services and is available for html content. Installed by default.
PHP PHP is used by numerous services and is available for custom content. Installed by default.
Python Python is used by numerous services and is available for custom content. Installed by default.
Authentication Server Authentication Server provides centralized authentication for server based applications. Installed by default.
Content and Educational Applications
Portal The portal or home page of the server contains localized links to content on the server. Installed by default.
Moodle Moodle is an open source Learning Management System. Installed by default.
Internet-in-a-Box Internet-in-a-Box is a copy of some of the most important material on the internet, such as the Wikipedia, stored locally. Installed by default.
Pathagar Pathagar is an ebook server which supports a variety of electronic publishing standards. Installed by default.
Custom The server contains a library folder in which can be placed custom educational files that will appear on the portal. Installed by default.
Assessment and Monitoring
Monit Monit monitors running services and restarts them if they shut down. Installed by default.
Ajenti Ajenti provides a Graphical Interface to administer technical aspects of the School Server. Installed by default.
Munin Munin collects performance statistics and generates graphs of them. Installed by default.
Stats Server Stats Server collects statistics on usage of the School Server. Installed by default.
Developer Tools
Ansible As of 5.0 ansible is the install mechanism and means for developers to add to the project. An rpm can also be produced.

Features Planned

Please add features to this list and/or sign up to implement one of the features listed.

These features have detailed subpages. If you add a feature, you should also create a similar page to describe it and track progress on its implementation.

Nearing completion
In progress
Early stage
No details

Feature Owner Target Release Status
Refactor Networking Santi 5.1 PR Expected. Soft code IP addresses, hostname, etc.
Variable Override Tim 5.1 Create override_vars.yml to hold custom values for IP, etc.
Refactor Networking II Santi 5.1 Substitute dnsmasq for bind/dhcpd
Command Line Scripts Jerry 5.1 Implement xsce-setup, xsce-network-setup, xsce-runtag, etc.
Offline Install Jerry, Miguel 5.1 Allow file or local lan source for install
Restructure Ansible Roles Santi, Tim 5.1 Add number to aggregate role names to come at top of directory listing
Modify Munin Graphs to On Demand Tim 5.1 Change config to use cgi
Sugar Journal Visualization (XOvis) Martin Dluhos 5.1 Add an Ansible role to include Couch visualization application XOvis
OpenVPN George 5.1 or 6.0 Merge George's playbook into master
SD Card Registration TK Kang 5.5 Ongoing Development
3G Support Basanta Shrestha 6.0 Ongoing Development
Authorization Framework George Hunt 6.0 Ongoing Development
Automatic Network Configuration Jerry Vonau 6.0 Ongoing Development
Better ARM Support Jon Nettleton 6.0 Ongoing Development
Email Server NO ONE 6.0 Needs an Implementer and a Design
Management Gui Miguel González Álvarez 6.0 50% done
Power Management Jon Nettleton 6.0 Ongoing Development
Printer Gui NO ONE 6.0 Needs an Implementer
School Information Network Martin Dluhos 6.0 Needs an Implementer
Screen Sharing George Hunt 6.0 Experiments
Startup Sound ? 6.0 Not Clear
User Management Framework Tony Anderson 6.0 Ongoing Development
User Portal Localization Tim Moody, Tony Anderson 6.0 Server side framework done, needs additional translations and client side
Audience response system Santi 6.0 Ongoing Development
Online editor Santi 6.0 Ongoing Development
Add Ability to Turn Off Service in Ansible NO ONE 6.0 Needs an Implementer
Sugarizer on Server NO ONE 6.0 Needs an Implementer
RACHEL on Server NO ONE 6.0 Needs an Implementer
Webmaker.org Toolkit on Server NO ONE 6.0 Needs an Implementer

Wish List

There have been a variety of Wish Lists produced over the years in the wiki, via documents, and over email. Here are some references. Ideally we will get to a consolidated list.

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