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Moodle Courses available for installation.


Current status

  • Targeted release: XSCD_4
  • Last updated: 10/21/2013
  • Percentage of completion: 90%

Detailed Description

Moodle Courses created at Ecole Saint Jacob in Kigali, Rwanda. These courses serve as 'schemes of work' for the corresponding courses in the Learn.

Benefit to XSCD

These courses provide specific examples of how Moodle can be used as a reference center by teachers and administrators. It shows how teachers can meed administrative requirements to provide lesson plans for use by substitute teachers, or to explain the course to school inspectors.


If possible, these courses should be installed as a copy of the Moodle folder to /library plus a database restore to PostgreSQL. If not, courses will have to be installed manually using Moodle's UI.

UI Design

UI is provided by Moodle

How To Test

After an XSCE install, the xc-moodle script should be run by usbmount. Tester should verify that courses are visible to staff but not visible to students or guests. Correct install should be verified by random access to selected content.

User Experience

At a training workshop, teachers will be introduced to the courses. Course content can be compared by the local standards required for teacher course syllabi.


Installation of Moodle as part of XSCE.

Contingency Plan

This feature will not be included in XSCD.


A step-by-step slide show should be prepared showing teachers how to use Moodle to create a 'scheme of work' or course syllabus.

Release Notes

List of courses to be included in Release Notes.

Comments and Discussion

discussion tab for this feature

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