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This feature provides access to the Wiki4Schools wikipedia slice.


Current status

  • Targeted release: XSCD_4
  • Last updated: 10/21/2013
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

Detailed Description

Wiki4Schools is a slice of the English Wikipedia created by SOS in 2008. It provides a much larger set of articles than are included in the Wikipedia Activity.

Benefit to XSCD

Wiki4Schools is not included in IIAB. This slice is based on the UK Curriculum and may be more useful in school en


Wiki4Schools offers access to the equivalent of a 40 volume encyclopedia.

UI Design

The main page has a wiki (world icon) button. When clicked, the user sees the main page. It has a search by subject or title. The title search opens a page with buttons for a set of subjects such as country or music. The title search operates as print encyclopedia. Click on the upper case letter to go to that volume. Click on a lower case character to narrow down the search. Then scroll down to the desired article.

How To Test

Verify that the main page button shows the main page. Look up an article via the subject page. Look up an article by the Word index. The easiest way to show the Wiki4Schools step by step and verify that the steps work.

User Experience

Users will be able to find encyclopedia articles as needed.



Contingency Plan

This feature will not be included in XSCD.



Release Notes

Any open issues will be described.

Comments and Discussion

discussion tab for this feature

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