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XOXO : regular love and community updates

See Talk:Xoxo for ideas on things you can add; or see the archives

You may also find the weekly statistics useful (or interesting).


xoxo #0

18:22, 30 June 2007 (EDT), tags:

=== Ideas ===
{{Wikipedia ads}}-like wanted!
=== Recent Changes ===

This is an experimental report on the Special:Recentchanges. Suggestions are welcome.
Several Test Plans have been added to several activities.
Some highlights:
-- 300 minor edits (37 user space; 30 templates; 26 talk pages)
-- 83 new pages (11 user pages, 10 talk pages)
-- 37 new files in the wiki (31 images & 6 other files)
-- maintenance-wise, 3 pages were moved, 8 deleted, and 9 IPs were blocked

xoxo #1

12 July 2007, tags: wiki, maps, curriculum, rc

=== xoxo #1 ===
Welcome to the first edition of xoxo, a regular textfile of exciting things happening around the OLPC
projects, with summaries of the various community fora.  We are currently looking for editors and 
summarizers (specifically for mailing lists and blogs).  Anyone is welcome to contribute by posting
new items to these talk pages. 
=== bug tracking and fixing ===
Please note any bugs or enhancements or feature requests in trac: dev.laptop.org .   Anyone is welcome to 
make an account there and file bugs or ideas.
New wiki template {{ticket}} allowing a short way to reference tickets: #1.
=== game and curriculum jams  ===
mchua has been working on plans for game and other content jams 
this fall in a number of cities.  Current jams being planned based on where there are interested organizers 
(Manila, New York, Sao Paulo), feedback or new cities welcome.  
=== laptop map ===
name.com has been thinking about how to visualize OLPC data and machines, and how to help laptop communities.
they've made a google mashup, which can be installed on this wiki via a mediawiki extension : laptop.name.org
=== OBX proposals ===
After an IRC chat, some proposals were added. The idea is that each box categorizes on orthogonal 
axis, on one side users can tag themselves as Artists (a category) with a specialty (say Artists
icons — another category) and then on the 'consumer' side, activities (or whatever) could tag as
Needing/Wanting icon. The categories would have cross-links allowing us to better match things.
The idea is to expand to other domains.
=== Recent Changes ===

This is an experimental report on the Special:Recentchanges for the week ending July 8.
Suggestions (and scripting help) are welcome: contact Xavi.

Some highlights include:
Almost 2200 changes this week (1670 actual editions) 
-- 580 minor edits (37 user space; 30 templates; 26 talk pages)
-- 522 new pages the bulk being 
   -- 30 categories for language fluency, 
   -- 40+ Olpcboxes and Category:OBX templates, and
   -- 376 in the OLPC Korea branch.
-- 68 new files in the wiki (66 images and 2 other files)
-- 19 pages were moved, 37 IPs were blocked, and 3 pages were protected (due to vandalism)

xoxo #2

18:22, 13 July 2007 (EDT), tags: cbc, java, intel, col, SoCon, php

as the code freeze deadline draws near (it's now a few hours away),
developers break into spontaneous fits of poetry on #olpc-content (read the original poem first)
   The night is calling me to sleep,
   but gtk, it made me weep.
   I've files to code before I sleep.
   And tubes to code before they're neat.
there are opportunities to help clean up the wiki!  beefing up the style guide,
improving special:recentchanges and other system messages (eg MediaWiki:Noarticletext),
revisiting categorization, and integrating sister wikis (olpcaustria, wikieducator).
come by #olpc-content and talk with mitchellncharity, mchua, xavi, and sj. 
advice, and comments in general, are welcome.
wiki blocking: you can block IP ranges with, e.g., (to mask the last 32-28 = 4 bits, so you block 16 addresses) or (to mask 32-30=2 bits, blocking 2 addresses)
please be very careful blocking ranges or IPs for that matter, particularly given 
nature of dynamic IPs; don't block ranges for nearly as long as you would a single user,
and try to avoid any blocks of longer than a week.  [That said, blocked users can see
the email of the blocking admin, so you may get email from people unfairly blocked]
See Wikipedia's approach to understand the possible results of blocking.
Content jams : user:mackiwg & the commonwealth of learning agreed to co-run a pilot 
Summer of Content 2007 season with OLPC.  final comments welcome on the proposed process
Cambridge Brewing Company : groups from OLPC regularly close them out; festivities followed by 
wine & dancing earlier this wek.  who knew there were so many dancers in the office?  
Bernie managed to demo screencaps while dancing.
A first round of templating and clarifying content sources for regular content 
releases produced a page of notes on content packages.  this will be 
revisited next week.
the startpage on the XO browser now has a spanish interface and 
loads a main page that can search Google and links directly to the Activity Grid for 
downloading new activities.
There is a new Stopwatch activity.  Hopefully I'll have a chance to tubify it before T-2 freeze.
If anyone needs (poorly working) drag-around-able pygtk widgets, it has one.  Help welcome. :)

xoxo #3

21 July 2007, tags:

=== Curation and bundling ===
Connexions and Curriki are both preparing regular content bundles, autogenerated from their existing
platforms.  The World Digital Library is producing bundles by hand from a selection by a set of
topical curators.  Please note on talk:content bundles and talk:activity bundles how you are 
handling bundle generation.  
=== grids ===
There are now an Activity Grid and a library grid for code and content bundles available to  
download.  The mime-type scripting for the xo browser that tells it what to do with .xol 
bundles still needs to be written
=== Mailing lists ===
The number of mailing lists, and of quiet lists, has been growing.  We are making an effort to unify
lists, and to summarize them.  If you are interested in summarizing a list, contact sj.
=== Summer of Content ===
A proper Summer of Content 2007 project was put up last week, and is accepting new project ideas
and mentor orgs.  Please read more about it there and pass it on.
=== Special:Recentchanges more stats ===
Extracting useful data or numbers from Special:Recentchanges besides being expensive in time and effort,
and not particularly insightful of what is actually going on in the wiki. So we're starting a new approach,
basically snapshoting some Special:Specialpages between two dates and extracting info.

The analysis for week #29 was performed based on two snapshots:  2007-07-12 and 2007-07-21
Please take this results as a-work-in-progress, meaning that it's still a proof-of-concept. Meaning
that the format is not very nice but it still shows the most viewed, most edited and most added.

xoxo #4

7 August 2007, tags: mania, summer, textbooks

Wikimania came this week, with collabs on Jamendo and more; and some MediaWiki discussions
about how to improve tools used here.  Please keep adding requests and suggestions there.
Wikislices and a related project on en:wp are being formed.  
See the project page there for more. 
These and other content bundles are being uploaded to the library grid.

xoxo #5

September 27, 11:45 UTC, tags: statistics

Back after a brief hiatus.  
Bentham and data tracking : we want to make data tracking a white-box activity, with transparency 
about what is tracked.  Data that partner projects are interested in:
Concord projects
the Boston Public Libraries are working out ways to curate digital libraries for schools
and at the same time for OLPC.  They just launched a digitization project, courtesy
of the Internet Archive.
Games: Game labs at MIT and Carnegie Mellon are starting term projects with 
XOs.  This Friday there will be XO gaming at GAMBIT (in 5 Cambridge Center), and we are
having a weekly game development conference call Sunday at 1500 EST.
Testing : installing activities and bundles; this is getting better formalized.
Jams : OLPCPH Curriculum Jam in Manila - moved venue.  See OLPC Philippines for updates
Statistics : see Xoxo/Statistics for the week's wikistat updates.
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