Attaching Sugar logs to tickets

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If you provide debugging logs to a ticket, you'll be making it much easier to developers to fix the issue.

Enabling debugging

These are general steps to follow when providing logs for some bug:

 echo 'export SUGAR_LOGGER_LEVEL=debug' >> /home/olpc/.xsession
then press the Enter key
  • Reboot, or just restart X by holding down ctrl+alt+erase
  • Perform the minimal steps to reproduce the bug.
  • From a terminal window, type:
 sudo olpc-log
  • It places all relevant logs into a file in the current directory. The name of the file includes the serial number of the laptop and the date and time the log was generated. Please send this log when reporting the problem.
  • Log is an activity for viewing log files

Other debugging settings

The file /home/olpc/.xsession-example contains other settings useful for debugging. If you have created a /home/olpc/.xsession then you can copy individual lines from this. Or you can copy the entire file to /home/olpc/.xsession, edit the file, and uncomment the log settings you want to enable.

  • In a Terminal Activity:
 cp /home/olpc/.xsession-example /home/olpc/.xsession
 nano /home/olpc/.xsession
 remove the "#" symbol from the start of the DEBUG settings you want to enable.
  • save the file (press ctrl+X)
  • restart the X Window System as above

Presence / Collaboration

If your bug involves presence (who you can see in Neighborhood View) or collaboration (activity sharing), please also follow the steps for Telepathy debugging.

Other logs

Several Linux subsystems create log files in the directory /var/log/. The Log activity lists some of these. You may need to become the root user to view some log files in the Terminal activity.

If you can't reproduce the bug

Python-based activities automatically make logs in /home/olpc/.sugar/default/logs. These logs seem to be moved into subfolders on restart and deleted after a certain period of time. If the activity crashed, the Python stack trace will be in its log. This is also a good thing to attach to a bug. As above, you will have to use the Terminal activity to copy them to removable memory (SD card or USB flash drive) before using the XO or another computer to attach them to the bug.