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This is a description of how to disassemble the display of an XO laptop to replace the backlight. A separate section shows how to remove the display from the laptop. This is part of the Disassembly section of the Troubleshooting Guide and Repair Manual.

Special note: Unlike the rest of the screws in the XO, which take a #1 Philips head screwdrive, a #0 Philips head works better for removing the actual backlight (though a #1 can be used if needed). A container is helpful for storing screws during disassembly, though parts taken off the XO can serve as temporary containers. This disassembly can be done within 15 minutes, even with little experience.

Removing the backlight

Step 1

Remove tape from backlight connection cable to expose the back of the display.

Peel off tape
Remember tape on the sides, too!

Step 2

Disconnect the backlight from the display by removing the two screws shown below using a #0 Philips head screwdriver.

Take out two screws where indicated
Lift the backlight up and out.
Separated backlight

Replacing the backlight

Replace the backlight by attaching the new backlight to the display. Ensure the backlight connection cable is attached and lying flat along the display.

Gently put the new backlight in place
Reattach tape to the center of the backlight

Place the two screws back in
Reattach the tape on the small cables

Re-use and recycling of defective backlight

A defective backlight may be re-used for domestic lighting applications if it can still emit light in at least one of the three LED chains. Identify the connecting cable pinout. Hold the end of the cable conductor side up with the cable trailing away from you. The left-most conductor is the common positive, labelled +14V. The right three conductors are the negative side of each of the three chains, labelled GND1 through GND3. 12V DC may be applied with the correct polarity. Do not exceed 14V. Using a 12V lead acid battery results in a forward current for the whole assembly of about 55mA.