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Pencil.png NOTE: The contents of this page are not set in stone, and are subject to change!

This page is a draft in active flux ...
Please leave suggestions on the talk page.

It Takes a Village...

See our great growing collection of Materials & Resources. We're currently redrafting this TOC live at

Help write the "final product" here:

VERY ROUGH DRAFT: (HTML), (~100 pages / 100+ MB, as of Sept 2009)

Map Representative Deployments (opening page of book?)


Ask JGay, AHolt, CMary about our "immersive/expansive/colorful 1st class object" ideas here. Including (breakout quotes/pull quotes, blurbs) to pull you into the book's stories most relevant to you,

Overview/ Introduction (3p?)

Possibly use graphics as overview tool, like a Globe as deployment map (mentioned below)?

Need for several reasons to describe how/ what the criteria for selection of 'successful' projects to be included, both to scope the sprint and project, plus for focus and clarity...

Role grid of Readers / Contributors Perspectives: Student, Educator, Parent, Relatives (grandparents, etc), Politicians (local & international politics), Administrator (school, IT), NGOs (OLPC, Private School, Church/Faith Community, etc), Geek, Hardware Manufacturers, Software Developers, Community Organizers, Researchers, etc?

Maybe a grid by Activity vs. XO User's Age, and/or Roadmap (graphical metaphors of machette hacking through jungle/ searching for water in desert, finding/building power, sunlight, animal power, human potential, etc) approach...

Key Deployment/Community Success Stories Illustrated for diverse audiences (12p?)

If you would like to write or co-write one that you suggest, please put your name next to it). The stories should illustrate how small deployments have made a difference in the lives of children. They should also tell something about how the XOs were being used, including which Activities used and how they were used.

(see below for some ideas for inclusion in the stories)

In Class

  • What did the children learn?
  • What did teachers/ administrators learn?
  • How does it help them later on?
    • Cross cultural,
    • emotional,
    • standards,
    • other transferable skills?

Outside Class

Effects on parents, student volunteers travelling on OLPCorps, NGOs, poverty, etc

In Community

Accepted or Rejected in the community? How to measure outcomes?

Remaining 15+ Pages to be divided among the following:

Basic Pedagogy? (2-3p?)

(Sandra Thaxter to assist with this along with Caryl who will translate some of the materials we have in Spanish) Constructionist vs. Traditional

  • Draw on existing materials from deployment training manuals such as Mochilla Digital, Peru, and others
  • Rationale
  • Maybe one page each on: Constructionsim, Collaborative Learning, and Project Based Learning
  • Discovering the XO and Sugar (See The Undiscoverable) (this might need a chapter of its own)

Getting Started Guide for Absolute Beginners (5 p?)

  • Charging, turning on, setting up
  • Finding your way around the desktop and keyboard (borrow from existing resourses)
  • Updating the Software (OS / Activities)
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Using the Journal
  • Using the mesh feature

Best Classroom Tricks & Tips using Sugar especially! (10p?)

  • Combining Activities in Projects
  • Keeping XOs Charged
  • Avoiding Theft
  • Neat things to do with
    • Turtle Art
    • eToys
    • Scratch
  • The XO in science class
  • After school deployments vs. fitting into existing curriculm, might be a long slow process here and abroad given politics and beaureaucracy, e.g. standards of learning (SOL), etc...

Graphics And Interactive Options

The less language specific we are, the easier to translate, and probably easier to understand, for all levels and reader perspectives...

Either inline published and/ or as an organizing tool?

Somehow make it Interactive? With Dynamic content?

  • MindMap? As a Graphic Overview and sprint and learning process tool?
  • Semantic web? connections?
  • Automatically generate index/ references, bibliography?

Make an Online equivalent of the document, perhaps innovatively, so users changes and base templates can merge in Git like environment... (someone suggesting elsewhere a DVD/usb/sd card/ chip? add: runnable Sugar dipping into the different issues/ in a scoped wading pool/ deep end/ocean (getting feet wet analogy), and back out with lessons learned)

As a Living Document, not just something to print and put on a shelf like many manuals, policies and procedures documents... (addition: depends on how to update/maintain. Give the users of this document the ability to become the next exemplar case study and sustainability)

Vague Character Graphics for a book/ process logo?

XO Symbol O Head = world globe? X building foundations from shoulders of giants? V future (link to clock bootup, implementation plan, and process) . vertex, current state of the art, time now, location, you are here ^ base

Logo with good stuff/deployments at each continent/ + green pastures for new deployments Map to OLPCorps Africa sites? User Group Locations Map Repair Centers

Some Silliness/Fun of a graphic of St. Nick with a globe on his shoulders like Hercules, delivering in a sleigh XO boxes around the world in a {snowy} night... And the kids of the world cheering... But danceswithcars not a graphic artist, just concepts...

Next Steps?

The Nitty Gritty Lowdown on How to Do A Deployment (10p?)

This is where Yama will be helping, mostly :-)

  • Infrastructure
    • Electricity
    • Network/Internet
  • XO Hardware
    • Ordering
    • What to expect
  • Import/Legal Issues
  • Volunteer vs. Staff Teams
  • Finance, Sustainability

I'll be writing about community-capacity-building and creating opportunities for legitimate peripheral participation - for students, teachers, and both local and non-local supporters. Mchua 23:02, 2 September 2009 (UTC)

The Big Idea is to get to the point that someone picking up this book would be able to use the XO for something useful right away and without too much pain.

Most clear goal: teachers who have had so far no contact with computers being able to use XOs for actual, real classroom work. Red.png Yamaplos 21:00, 16 August 2009 (UTC)

   * Where to get on-line and in-person help?
   * How much disk space have XOs, and how much is occupied by
     Activities and daily kid's work
   * what activities can be shared and among how many
   * how can this help or has helped learning


Figuring out the XO in Mongolia

What do people take away from this? Is it technical, if so how technical, given step by step may change or how to implement, or overview of project? Also give hope that they can pull off deploying in an educational environment, complete with tools and case study of how to do it...

Net Boot Africa (tm) works?


Ask (AHolt & CMary) for our ideas here.


How to look up info, translate, best sources, etc...

How to download audio and video for the laptops (MP3 plug-in, OGG and OGV content, maybe Flash plug-in)