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A more complete list can be found here: Collaboration_Central#Collaborative_Activities


  1. From XO-1, Home view (Upper left button, black disc with one dot), click on the taskbar icon that looks like a text bubble, Chat.
  2. Click on the pull down box labeled 'Share with:' and choose 'My Neighborhood'.
  3. From XO-2, Neighborhood mesh view (Upper left button, black disc with 8 dots), you should see the chat bubble in the colors of XO-1. Click on it.
  4. Both laptops should be able to see the other XO figure in their Activity view (this comes up by default, but you can also force the activity view with the upper left button, black disc with a white square).
  5. Move the mouse to the bottom of the screen and start chatting!

Some Notes:

  • If the laptops are collaborating without any access to a school server or Access Point, this will work without any other settings.
  • If the laptops are collaborating within the access of the same school server, this will also work without any other settings.
  • If the laptops are collaborating across the internet to different towns, countries or continents, then both laptops have to have a common server setting for collaboration. OLPC provides a server called ''.


Share pictures taken from the laptops with others.

  1. From XO-1 Home view, click on the 'Record' icon in the taskbar.
  2. Use the pull down box labeled 'Share with:' to choose 'My Neighborhood'.
  3. From other XOs, go to the neighborhood mesh view and click on the Record icon with the colors of XO-1.
  4. To take a picture, click on the 'eye' icon. This picture should show up on all laptops that are sharing.
  5. Use the Record tab to switch between still pictures, video and audio. In Trial-3 code only the still pictures can be shared.

Drag pictures into a Document.

  1. In Trial-3 you can drag a picture from the bottom tray of Record to the left side sugar clipboard. First press the upper right keyboard button that looks like a sugar frame (rectangle).
  2. When the frame appears, click and drag a picture from record to the right and drop it. A record icon will appear on the frame. This is the clipboard.
  3. Go to the Home view and click on the Write icon to start abiword
  4. Drag the picture from the left side of the sugar frame into the document.


Share a bookmark in Browse:

  1. Open the browser and go to a url of interest
  2. From the browse tab, click on the star in the upper right, next to the url window. This will create a bookmark
  3. Click on 'share with neighborhood'
  4. From another XO, click on the shared browse icon in the neighborhood mesh view
  5. You should get the same book mark after the browser starts up