Contributors program/June 5, 2009

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   * New Libraries!

   * Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

   * Fast Review of the 6 (was 5) latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals:

     #1 Dokeos + OLPC (for better XO learning and teaching) - Peru
     #2 Recruitment Revolution: Success Links - Los Angeles, USA
     #3 Initiative for a massive deployment in NorthEast Africa Region
     #4 The SpikerBox: Bringing Neurophysiology to Everyone - Michigan, USA
     #5 Fourth Grade Scientists and Mathematicians - Massachusetts, USA
     #6 FAMLI/Audubon MS XO Library and Repair Center - Los Angeles, USA


<Caryl> hi anybody there?
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<mchua> is this for the contributors program meeting?
<mchua> jzGreen: ^^
<CanoeBerry> Yeah
<CanoeBerry> In 5 min!
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<CanoeBerry> Welcome Aaron & Fred!
<FGrose> CanoeBerry: Hi
<hullaw> Thanks!  I finally made it to a meeting!  Amazing.
<CanoeBerry> :)
<hullaw> Might have to leave early tho :(
<CanoeBerry> If you can help me a quorum going over the next ~5min that's be great!
<CanoeBerry> *get a quorum going
<CanoeBerry> And check over the 5 proposals while we wait:
<mchua> I unfortunately had to run, but wanted to relay a message from Rodrigo_Padula that he wants to know how his existing dev program project (which already has XOs) can tell you more about what he's doing
<mchua> (and yes, I already pointed him towards the wiki page and this meeting)
<CanoeBerry> Has he posted to ?
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<CanoeBerry> And written to to share his successes if he needs help posting on/around ?
<CanoeBerry> Ciao Praha
<mchua> CanoeBerry: don't know... I told him to follow the instructions on the contrib program wikipage and he said ok, and then I have to run
<mchua> (now)
<mchua> good luck, folks! sorry I can't stick around
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<Caryl> Hi  is this the place?
<tomeu> hi!
<CanoeBerry> Alright, let's start in 2 min now that the crowds are here :)
<Caryl> Adam, come to MT and help me find the dead mouse in my basement apartment!
<CanoeBerry> Please read over the 5 proposals summarized here:
<Caryl> done
<CanoeBerry> How's beautiful Montana darling?
<Caryl> MT is beautiful! Jamaal would like us to go over his timeline and reporting committment also so that he can get his project started.
<CanoeBerry> OK, what's the ticket number so we can look that over later?
<Caryl> #39449
<Caryl> He is trying to attend this meeting, but is lost on the first page.
<Caryl> He hasn't done this before
<CanoeBerry> OK give him a call?  Let's discuss his at the end today.
<CanoeBerry> Shall we begin now?
<Caryl> ok Verison is lousy here but I will try.

[ PROJECT #1 : Dokeos + OLPC (for better XO learning and teaching) - Peru ]

<CanoeBerry> Thanks.  Let start w/ Project #1:
<CanoeBerry> Dokeos + OLPC (for better XO learning and teaching) [Peru]
<CanoeBerry> (ongoing progress)
<CanoeBerry> (Spanish)
<CanoeBerry> (English)
<CanoeBerry> Requests 6 XO's for 24 months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives: (beware, long paste coming!)
<CanoeBerry> - develop an OLPC style for the Dokeos project
<CanoeBerry>     - integrate better Dokeos with OLPC (through testing)
<CanoeBerry>     - demo Dokeos and OLPC in a variety of local open-source and
<CanoeBerry>        e-learning events (
<CanoeBerry>     - package Dokeos for delivery with teachers' OLPC (for local
<CanoeBerry>        e-learning servers)
<CanoeBerry>     - try OLPC's wireless range for remote e-learning applications
<CanoeBerry>     - public reporting of progress (in Spanish) on
<CanoeBerry> Brian Jordan helped refer this prjct -- related writeup in OLPC News here:
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<CanoeBerry> Plz all discuss!
<CanoeBerry> Hi Jamaal!
<jamaa21> hi all
<Caryl> I _really_ like this project.  I would like us to ask that they also promise to work on the translation of Sugar to Quechua since they evidentally have the resources to do so
<CanoeBerry> jamaa21: agenda is here if you can help us review all 5 proposals + yours:
<hullaw> Sounds like it would actually be good exposure for the XO
<jamaa21> thank you
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<jamaa21> yes
<CanoeBerry> Look good yes, and Brian Jordan agrees to mentor Project #1 here... (Dokeos)
<Caryl> Peru already has lots of XOs, but this is special open-source software they want to develop for it
<jamaa21> we haope to have newspaper coverage and parntal involvement
<CanoeBerry> jamaa21: we will discuss your project in ~20min once we've covered the 1st five.
<jamaa21> ok
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<Caryl> They have specifically asked for Sebastian Silva to help.  Perhaps he and Brian could co-mentor
<hullaw> Was just looking at
<hullaw> I like that they have a constructivist approach
<CanoeBerry> Reaction? Project #1 "would love 12 XO's, but asks for 6"
<hullaw> 6 sounds like a good start to me
<Caryl> If they would commit to translating Sugar to Quechua I would go for the 12  Otherwise 6
<CanoeBerry> Great: can we have another vote of confidence from someone else?
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<FGrose> +1
<Skywalker> +1
<CanoeBerry> dsaxena: welcome.. we are just wrapping up reviewing Project #1.. 4 votes in favor and no serious objection, approved!

[ PROJECT #2 : Recruitment Revolution: Success Links - Los Angeles, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Let's move onto Project #2 now:
<CanoeBerry> Recruitment Revolution: Success Links [Los Angeles, USA]
<CanoeBerry> Requests 15 XO's for 12 months (or starter batch)
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     The project objective is to establish (materials around) an ongoing 
<CanoeBerry> professional
<CanoeBerry>     development program, which makes career success and the steps towards
<CanoeBerry>     attaining it transparent and simple. (More to follow, Caryl Bigenho 
<CanoeBerry> mentoring)
<CanoeBerry> Caryl, do you want to introduce this ambitious work?
<Caryl> Yes...I have talked with Brian has a wonderful curriculum in mind
<Caryl> I think it would be great for upper elementary students and could get more machines into the students in LAUSD
<CanoeBerry> What materials would he actually be able to share with the wider OLPC/Sugar community?
<CanoeBerry> Over what timeframe do you think?
<Caryl> He will develop a curriculum and hopefully new Activities
<CanoeBerry> Or results/methods if not materials immediately?
<Caryl> He suggested one year, I suggested 2 school years to fine tune
<Caryl> He can start with the Activities we already have.
<CanoeBerry> Project applicant certainly has bountiful enthusiasm which is great.
<CanoeBerry> How many XO's might you suggest to start him off?
<Caryl> We may be able to enlist some members of the various SoCal Linux groups to assist with new ones
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<Caryl> I would suggest 2.
<Skywalker> Why does he need 15 XOs to develop content based materials?
<Caryl> This poject could end up needing more than the 15 he asks for
<hullaw> Could he use an emulator on other devices?
<Wael> is he having a team working on it with him?
<Caryl> I don't think he knows how large elementary school classes are
<Caryl> I think he wants to focus a lot on teamwork and collaboration
<CanoeBerry> This may end up being connected to Caryl's library, note that this project has a *lot* of fruitful possiblitities Caryl is working..
<FGrose> He could integrate SoaS machines when he learns more about them.
<Caryl> Also the school he works with probably doesn't have any machines for classroom use
<Caryl> Not my library...CUELA's library
<Wael> so Caryl, you think 2 is good for a start?
<Caryl> That is what I would recommend
<CanoeBerry> In the short term, I would suggest yes.
<CanoeBerry> Let's go with 2 XO's.
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
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<Wael> just a question....
<Wael> who would be following up on progress? and how wld it be reported?
<Skywalker> 3 xos, minimal for decent team and collaboration experience in that case
<CanoeBerry> Wael: Caryl will monitor this project.
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: u still there to explain?
<Caryl> trying but I am a lousy typist
<Caryl> Brian has a lot of great contacts in LA to help him with the project.
<CanoeBerry> I say let's finalize on 2 XO's for now, with Caryl bringing us feedback in coming weeks.
<hullaw> +1
<Caryl> He is a very reliable  person
<Wael> ok...+1
<FGrose> +1
<CanoeBerry> Thanks Caryl-- your help will be invaluable.

[ PROJECT #3 : Initiative for a massive deployment in NorthEast Africa Region ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #3:
<Caryl> Can someone test the machines before they are sent
<Caryl> to make sure the mesh works well?
<CanoeBerry> Initiative for a massive deployment in NorthEast Africa Region 
<CanoeBerry> (NorthEast Africa)
<CanoeBerry> Request 4 XO's for 6 months
<Caryl> On some machines it doesnt
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives: (beware, long paste coming!!)
<CanoeBerry> These laptops will be used for local volunteers orientation (still 
<CanoeBerry> building) team
<CanoeBerry>     and to be presented to sponsoring authorities to introduce XO and 
<CanoeBerry> show its
<CanoeBerry>     capabilities. Contacts established with different authorities and 
<CanoeBerry> community
<CanoeBerry>     development organizations and political parties, positive feedback 
<CanoeBerry> received
<CanoeBerry>     and we'd like to move on to next steps to guarantee sponsorships and 
<CanoeBerry> funds
<CanoeBerry>     for the project.  The purpose is a massive deployment of XO (10,000) in
<CanoeBerry>     NorthEast Africa region and to build-up a local support group for 
<CanoeBerry> this initiative.
<Caryl> This is very much like my Roadshow in a Box which has had pretty good success so far
<CanoeBerry> Wael: would you like to introduce?
<Wael> next one i'll make much shorter :-)
<Wael> Well, so far all we know about XO is what we have read so far in the internet......
<Caryl> They have no timeline.  They need to send us one that shows who and when they plan to demonstrate the machines to
<hullaw> caryl: +1
<Wael> I have already started joining some professional IT friends with me.....we need to
know all about it first.....
<FGrose> Every country deserves at least 4 XOs if they have a willing sponsor
<Caryl> Interesting concept!
<hullaw> question:  how are the XO going to get from Dubai to location?
<Wael> well.........I'm planning to leave 1 XO for our volunteers team for the time being familiarize themselves with it.....and the other 3 for roaming demos
<CanoeBerry> Caryl's # is 2 XO Laptop not 4 :)
<CanoeBerry> If we should consider starting with 2?
<Wael> I will get them myself.....already talked to my friend thier and he will ship them to me directly :-)
<FGrose> That was USA
<CanoeBerry> Wael: are you going to publish a bit of your ongoing progress here..
<Wael> ok.....
<Wael> but 2 XOs isn't enough
<Caryl> How about a timeline?
<CanoeBerry> We ask for a link from:
<Wael> depends on when i recieve them........
<Caryl> My Roadshow is actually 3.  They all fit in one XO box
<Wael> let's say 3 weeks ahead maximum......i could be using them for demos already :-)
<Caryl> He also wants one to leave home
<CanoeBerry> Wael: what's the rational for 1 volunteer & 3 roaming demos?  SJ suggests the reverse..
<Wael> not hom Caryl
<Caryl> I say 4 if his timeline for demos looks good when he submits it
<CanoeBerry> Or perhaps 2 volunteers + 2 roaming demos?
<Wael> we'll have our own small gathering office......and still i have many welling to get involved.....
<Caryl> That could work
<Wael> another thing
<CanoeBerry> Wael: how will they help specifically?
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<Wael> i must raise here
<Wael> my main sponsoring official entity mentioned in one of the meeting the Classmate....
<CanoeBerry> (We need volunteers to do real work around Sugar/Support/Devel, working alongside this worldwide effort before approving significant numbers of laptops :)
<Wael> mastering my XOs would help a lot convincing them
<_sj_> wael, if they go with either XOs or Classmates that will be great
<FGrose> Wael: may also be suitable.  It works on Classmates.
<Wael> Mr.Osama my friend whom i mentioned on the proposal is more than happy to join this effort.......he's a linux addict anyway :-)
<CanoeBerry> Great, can you have him call me to join Support Gang or other volunteering
<CanoeBerry> Let's finalize a laptop count here..
<CanoeBerry> SJ? Caryl? Others?
<Caryl> I think SoaS will run on the Classmate won"t it?
<FGrose> As requeste
<FGrose> yes
<Wael> yes......actyally just last night i asked him to join....and he's ready
<Wael> i will get him call others very soon :-)
<FGrose> # As requested.
<Caryl> 4  if we get a definite timeline first
<hullaw> I like the 2 volunteer/2 demo model
<Wael> Caryl
<Wael> we're a 3rd world country :-)
<Wael> there are nothing such as definite :-).....but i'll do my best to start demos in 3 weeks if i get them within 10 days
<CanoeBerry> Wael: what's the urgency?
<Caryl> Even third world countries need goals.  They can always be revised.  Without them, often things get bogged down and nothing happens
<Wael> the urgency is that they already have funds now.....if we don't get in soon, they will relocate thier funds into other projects on queue
<CanoeBerry> So when can you have a rough schedule to show us as Caryl requests?
<Caryl> I missed something   Who is they?  What funds?
<Wael> I understand Caryl......I'm saying i can't give exact dates now......but I can report back progress as it happens
<Wael> they are called the Unity Development Fund......
<_sj_> a timeline is important for sharing results as well.
<Wael> thier budget for this year is 70Million.....they are started a lot of development projects on rural areas, like relocating citizens, building houses....schools...etc
<CanoeBerry> Wael: I'm going to require a timeline and basic summary published to then I will ship 4.
<_sj_> bear in mind that even roadshows like caryls imply sharing what is made in the process... caryl produces some of the best "showcase XOs" material we have
<_sj_> when she prepares for her conferences and workshops
<CanoeBerry> Thanks All.
<CanoeBerry> Let's move onto Project #4
<Wael> hold pls
<hullaw> Gotta head out...sorry and good luck!!
<CanoeBerry> Bye hullaw!
* hullaw  Quit ("CGI:IRC")
<Wael> so how could start anything without any units?
<CanoeBerry> Email a timeline and publish a basic summary as I've instructed above.
<CanoeBerry> Then I will ship 4 units.
<CanoeBerry> OK?
<FGrose> SoaS sticks will fill gap while you wait for XOs
<Wael> fine
<CanoeBerry> Thanks :)
<Skywalker> Must go. Have an  8pm appointment.

[ PROJECT #4 : The SpikerBox: Bringing Neurophysiology to Everyone - Michigan, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Moving onto Project #4:
<CanoeBerry> The SpikerBox: Bringing Neurophysiology to Everyone [Michigan, USA]
<Skywalker> bye
<CanoeBerry> Requests 2 XO's for 7 months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     We have developed, using off-the-shelf components, low cost amplifiers
<CanoeBerry>     and manipulators for experimenting with the nervous system of insects.
<CanoeBerry>     Our goal is to increase the public's understanding of nervous system
<CanoeBerry>     function through the development of low-cost tools. Currently, all you
<CanoeBerry>     need with our devices is a laptop with a line-in input to record the
<CanoeBerry>     neural activity. We would like to couple our devices to the XO to
<CanoeBerry>     demonstrate extremely low-cost high-accessibility science.
<Caryl> SJ: thanks for the compliment happy
<CanoeBerry> Bye Skywalker UK!
<Skywalker> ;)
* Skywalker  Quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
<CanoeBerry> :)
<jzGreen> nice idea
<Caryl> Interesting concept, but  insects + any computer will be an attention getter.  I think SoaS might work just as well though
<FGrose> Good demonstration of hardware-facilitated learning
<Wael> have to run......
<CanoeBerry> SJ's pushed this one along..
<Wael> thanks all
<FGrose> Takes advantage of microphone input on XO
* Wael  Quit
<CanoeBerry> By Wael, send email soon!
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<CanoeBerry> Hi sandrat. We're wrapping up Prjct #4 of 5 if you can help :)
<jzGreen> whats the question, sorry
<CanoeBerry> Plz see the agenda here:
<CanoeBerry> I'm tempted to approve these 2 XO Laptops for , other opinions?
<Caryl> Activities developed for SoaS might have a better chance of wide distribution? Could they do it for both the native XO and SoaS?
<FGrose> example I just learned about
<Caryl> It sounds like a great, fun Activity ... old science teacher talking...
<FGrose> XO has advantages built in for easy adoption, but SoaS variants would follow I
<Caryl> I would love to be a "tester" for this project!
<CanoeBerry> Can we reach consensus?
<jzGreen> from what I understand, if its the mic input, its any computer
<FGrose> Your brain? :)
<jzGreen> so its XO or SoaS
<FGrose> XOs as requested
<CanoeBerry> +1
<CanoeBerry> Other voices?
<Caryl> +1 but please commit to trying to get on SoaS too!

[ PROJECT #5 : Fourth Grade Scientists and Mathematicians - Massachusetts, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Great, let's approve and move onto final prjct #5
<CanoeBerry> Fourth Grade Scientists and Mathematicians [Massachusetts, USA]
<CanoeBerry> Requests 1 XO for 1-3 months
<Caryl> don't forget Jamaal!
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     The purpose of this very short proposal is just to acquire one
<CanoeBerry>     laptop so I can play around with it and figure out how I might be 
<CanoeBerry> able to
<CanoeBerry>     implement it in my classroom. I really want to use technology in my
<CanoeBerry>     classroom to help students learn, and to help them really *be*
<CanoeBerry>     mathematicians and scientists.
<CanoeBerry> Jamaal #6 yes.
<CanoeBerry> Prjct #5 here is a go.
<cjb> hm, I don't get it
<Caryl> Where is the requestor located?
<jamaal21> thank you, everyone
<CanoeBerry> The applicant is at MIT here, and wants a short-term loan to evaluate her classroom science possibilities.
<cjb> but what's the followup?
<sandrat> This proposal is great. Reasonable request.  It would be nice to learn about the results, what students responded to most. Tracking results is always such a big challenge for any XO project.  It would be great to have outcomes be a part of this
<CanoeBerry> She will be teaching next year right in town here, and will benefit a lot from looking at CFS (MChua) & Gardner (CMeeks) etc.
<cjb> it sounds like she wants to test laptops before she buys them
<Caryl> Don't you guys have a lending library for her to use?
<cjb> but there is no way for her to buy XOs
<sandrat> I'd like to visit the class
<cjb> so I don't get the relevance at all
<CanoeBerry> She wants to work on Sugar Activities around her science curriculum, if I understand.
<CanoeBerry> EG. Measure etc.
<Caryl> She could use SoaS or a lending library
<jzGreen> Caryl: i second that
<cjb> CanoeBerry: that doesn't seem to be what the app says
<jzGreen> I'm using SoaS to demo to a class here in france
<cjb> it doesn't even mention activities or programming
<cjb> just that she wants to play around with a laptop to see how it works for teaching
<CanoeBerry> Some of the phone call not transcribed into the ticket, sorry.
<sandrat> In XO apps, playing is the right word, but the learning is serious.
<Caryl> Curriculum development with existing Activities is a valid contributors project.  But I don't see the need for a Contributors XO here
<CanoeBerry> Also sorry the Boston library no longer exists..
<CanoeBerry> That is the primary reason for this request.
<sandrat> What about measuring outcomes as a contribution, and presenting a way to measure them?
<CanoeBerry> Which I favor.
<FGrose> CanoeBerry: you mentor?
<CanoeBerry> We need a Boston librarian to re-activate the Boston-area XO Library, know anyone?!
<jzGreen> Is she able to achieve her goals with SoaS? Is there a special need for an XO in her goals?
<CanoeBerry> FGrose: Yes
<CanoeBerry> jzGreen: not sure yet.
<Caryl> Boston is gone? They need to request machines for a new one.
<CanoeBerry> We need a new Boston library & librarian.
<CanoeBerry> Plz send anyone interested to me!
<CanoeBerry> The MIT library folded :|
<Caryl> sad!
<CanoeBerry> OK, let's wrap up.
<FGrose> CP is the "district library" then
<CanoeBerry> Project #5 is a very short-term evaluation loan, that I would favor as the applicant is a teacher who understand "constructivism" etc judging from my phone call, and we'll go from there.
<sandrat> Make it a go then
<CanoeBerry> OK?  Let's move onto 6.
<Caryl> OK...let's support the teachers
<Caryl> +1

[ PROJECT #6 : FAMLI/Audubon MS XO Library and Repair Center - Los Angeles, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Caryl, can you introduce/review Jamaal's status?
<CanoeBerry> jamaal21: can you explain what you need?
<jamaal21> yes
<Caryl> Jamaal was approved but we wanted more definete reporting committments
<jamaal21> i met with Famli parents and students
<jamaal21> after school program for low income students
<Caryl> I think he talked to Adam about this, but idin't understand he needed to put it into his proposal until I talked with him this morning
<CanoeBerry> What do you need from the group right now Jamaal?
<jamaal21> students will organize and decide on library parameters
<Caryl> He has all his people on board and anxious to start before theit summer program
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: What's your specific recommendation for helping Jamaal over the coming week?
<jamaal21> i will be introducing them to internet mesh computing
<jamaal21> journaling
<jamaal21> documenting
<Caryl> He needs some machines now to get the groundwork laid with the students doing a lot of the  rule-making for their lending library
<jamaal21> and researching
<Caryl> He also needs a committment of more machines to follow before school starts in Sept unless they can call be sent now, which would be better
<jamaal21> we are hopong to chat with the international community as well
<sandrat> good
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: conclusion? We need to wrap up this meeting with a specific recommendation for Jamaal around shipping & where he should take this.
<CanoeBerry> We can talk details later.
<jamaal21> ok
<Caryl> I would recommend sending all or some of the 10 machines he has requested.  Jamaal what do you think?
<jamaal21> very good
<jamaal21> we will host a summer program june 20
<Caryl> would some work ok at this time?
<jamaal21> i will report once a month, and milestone in three months
<Caryl> Or do you need all 10 to get started?
<jamaal21> we are flexible
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<FGrose> How many students do you have now?
* Copper-Umber-20  Quit (Client Quit)
<jamaal21> 50
<FGrose> +1 for 10 XOs
<Caryl> Ooooh!  Let's go for the ten then
<Caryl> +1 for 10
<sandrat> +2 for 10
<CanoeBerry> OK, let's call it a day, thanks all!
<jamaal21> thank you happy
<CanoeBerry> jamaal21: we expect miracles
<CanoeBerry> :)
<Caryl> Bye...happy!
<FGrose> miracle happen
<jamaal21> you truely help the needy in the US
<Caryl> they do!
<CanoeBerry> Happy wkd all.. we should have a quick Sunday 4PM EDT mtg if you're interested in joining, see:
<CanoeBerry> Bye!
<Caryl> Bye again  off to lunch

Edit 2012-08-15: For public reference and to avoid confusion, the team in charge of the Dokeos-OLPC initiative has moved to the Chamilo project, and the company to which the laptops were sent was renamed BeezNest Latino. This can be verified at -> Consulta RUC -> 20516817977 -> Información histórica. -- Ywarnier (original request to be considered originated from me)