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There are roughly 2.5 million XOs in the field as of January, 2012. The information below represents the number of XOs delivered, shipped or ordered for each country or region. Not all XOs are currently in schools. Where possible, the status of each country and additional details on their software and deployment status is included at the bottom (and on the detailed deployment page). There is also a separate Pilots page for small pilots, which are often run independently from OLPC.

For an overview of deployment steps, see our deployment guide.


A few color-maps of the world showing the relative sizes of global deployments are available from our Maps page.

  • (background) shows off individual projects, from a few XOs to large deployments, around the world, updated live (in 2013, onwards)
  • A global deployment map, updated in late 2011
    • Nepal has a village-level map of OLE projects from 2010
    • Australia has a school-level map showing where their 5,000 laptops are
    • Colombia has a school-level map from late 2010


All information is tentative and subject to change without notice. For the purposes of this and related pages, we use the following definitions:

Any project with less than 5,000 laptops in the same school or community with the goal of supplying an XO to every primary school age child.
Any project with more than 5,000 laptops in the same region that has been launched with significant engagement by national educational leaders, with a goal of of supplying an XO to every primary school age child.

Preparing for your own deployment

Please check out the "Start a regional group" and "Deployment Guide" for information about doing an XO deployment.

To document your OLPC deployment, please simply sign up with a login and password to this wiki, create a new wiki page and add the Deployment template text to your new page along with some details, and if possible technical details, education outcomes and photos of your success.

Deployment data

This is information queried from the semantic annotations of pages in Category:Deployments. It was last systematically updated in January 2011, at which point there were roughly 2 million XOs in the field. You can sort this table by clicking on the arrows in the column headings.


 | ?Number of manufactured laptops=XOs delivered, shipped or ordered
 | ?Language spoken=Language
 | ?Keyboard
 | ?Software release 
 | ?School server status
 |sort = Number of manufactured laptops
 |order = desc
 |default = Query found no pages in Category:Deployments?


Deployment status

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 | ?deployment status
 | default = No pages with a value for Property:Deployment status found?!


Information on translations

See Localization/Statistics

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