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Learning Groups

Foundational Documents and Learning About Learning

  • Essays by Seymour Papert - Seymour Papert is an MIT mathematician, computer scientist, and educator. He is one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence, as well as the inventor of the term Constructionism. Constructionism is a philosophy of education in which children learn by doing and making in a public, guided, collaborative process
  • Essays by Marvin Minsky - Marvin Minsky is an American cognitive scientist in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), co-founder of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's AI laboratory, and author of several texts on AI and philosophy.
  • Essays by Antonio Battro - Antonio Battro is both an MD/PhD who specializes in the development of basic cognitive and perceptual processes in children and adolescents. He has introduced computers and communication devices in schools in several countries in South America, as well as promoted the use of computers as digital prostheses for the disabled persons. He is considered a world leader in the new field of neuroeducation, the interaction between mind, brain, and education.

Themes in Education and Technology

Big questions, Ideas,

Philosophies of Learning & Teaching

pedagogy - leading children Education philosophy

Methods of Learning & Teaching

study of teaching.... critical pedagogy... should children learn about engineering? programming? music? social forms? calculus? all together starting in the first grade? what comes first?

Monitoring & Evaluation

Sometimes hailed, sometimes cursed, there are thousands of metrics for the success of the teaching process, the success of learning a body of material, and the success of educational systems.

Education Policy

Education for All

Where We Work


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