Grassroots meetings/November 29, 2008

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  • "selling something now is signficant" (WdB)
  • goal: talk to press in countries as much as possible => consistency of media message
    • da truth: "we are trying to make this happen and we're doing our very best, but admittedly there are some big challenges"
    • focus on the "give" part
    • coordinated "give" message on grassroots Web sites and also
  • European Give Many details (to-be-finalized)
    WdB will concentrate on Give Many this week
    100+ XOs @ ~€20,000 includes invitation for 2 people to come to quarterly workshops at 1CC
    1000+ XOs @ similar unit cost includes extras, such as invitation to country where units are deployed
  • Give Many outreach: directly contact CSR people at companies (OLPC EU will do that)

(WdB in particular thinking about Mali, Liberia, Cuba)

  • tax-exemption
    list of tax-exempt countries, if it's done properly: Begium, US, France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands
    still waiting for: UK, Poland
    missing Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria
    need charity in each country


  • shipping and repair shouldn't be handled by the same company and should be engaged
    limited quantity this winter
  • G1G1 Europe details:
    • G1G1 2008 in the US used as the standard for a broad G1G1EU
    • start with an initial set of XOs for early delivery
      sent to Brussels office where power-adapters, translated 4-page flyer and grassroots printout to be added by Adam et al. (details need to be finalized)
      focus on "Give" - being able to contribute to this awesome project (see media message above)
      G1G1 as one way to do it
      list of projects and groups to contribute to
      fun idea: give every 1000 group a "red" one ;-)
      send people to the OLPC France Repair Center for repairs and spare parts
      to work out in the mid- to long-term -- Amazon store languages, paying via local bank accounts, details on tax exemption, power-adapters, keyboards, warranties.
  • future meetings: directly before or after FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels (Feb. 7/8) was discussed.
    meeting at 25C3 already in the works; tmplab and some olpc-at folks, and sj / mako / mika / dogi will be there.
    see ongoing thread on IAEP mailing-list for related information

Web front-ends

  • we need to have a localized web front page for France and Germany with a link to Amazon UK and to simply Give (prototype including)
    • this page could be hosted by or by OLPC Europe
  • Lionel - working on this web page should be done very quickly. Thanks to Walter, we had a first contact with Fondation de France to mount the "Give One" link.

About the repair process:

  • One another European Repair Center exist: . Depending of the place where the XO come from, it could be interesting to use it. More: Marten repairs all sort of thing as a full time job, not OLPC France :-)
  • What about the delivery cost from the customer to the repair center and from the repair center to the customer ? It should be clear this the customer should pay for both and for the spare part price...