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For now, please see the photo page for Mongolia's Ulaanbaatar deployment.

For more detailed information on the status of the current deployment, please contact Elana Langer, OLPC Learning Consultant: elana (at) laptop.org

2007 status: green

Тус "Хүүхэд бүрт компьютерийг"(Оne Laptop per Child(OLPC)) төсөл нь дэлхийн хөгжиж буй улсуудын хүүхдүүдийн боловсролд хувь нэмэр оруулахыг зорилго болгож байгаа төсөл болно.

Товчхондоо бол дэлхийн мэдээллийн технологийн мэргэжилтнүүд хүүхдийн боловсролд зориулж одоо өргөнөөр хэрэглэгдэж байгаа компьютерээс авсаархан, хямд хэрэглэхэд хялбар компьютерийг зохион бүтээхээр ажиллаж байгаа юм. Бүтээхээр зорьж буй компьютер нь хэмжээгээрээ 7-н инч, үнэ нь 100-н ам.дол байхаар ажиллаж байгаа ба одоогийн өртөг нь 188$ байна.

Энэхүү төсөл нь биелэлээ олтлоо хэд хэдэн үе шат дамжих ба эхний шатуудад компьютерийг АНУ, Канадын зах зээл дээр шууд борлуулах төлөвлөгөөтөй байгаа бөгөөд үнэ нь ойролцоогоор 400 ам.дол байхаар төлөвлөж байна. Дараагийн шат буюу үндсэн шатандаа хөгжиж буй орнуудын засгийн газраар дамжуулан хүүхэд бүрд компьютерийг хүргэхээр төлөвлөж байна.

Монгол Улсын хувьд Moнгол Улсын Засгийн Газар дээрх төсөлд хамрагдах албан ёсны хүсэлтээ 2007 онд илрэрхийлж, Монгол Улсын Ерөнхийлөгч Н.Энхбаярын 2007 оны 10 сард АНУ-д хийсэн албан ёсны айлчлалын үеэр тус байгууллагатай уулзан, Монгол Улсын Засгийн Газар "Хүүхэд бүрд компьютер" нийгэмлэгтэй харилцан ойлголцлын санамж бичгийг байгуулсан байна. Тус уулзалтаар "Хүүхэд бүрд компьютер" нийгэмлэг Монгол Улсад 10000 ширхэг компьютер бэлэглэхээ мэдэгдэж, Монгол Улсын Засгийн газар 10000 ширхэг компьютер худалдан авахаа илэрхийлсэн байна. Үүний дагуу АНУ-ын ард түмний бэлгийн 1000 ширхэг компьютер 2008 оны 1-р сард Монгол Улсад хүргэгдэж ерөнхий боловсролын 51 ба 4-р сургуулиуд дээр туршилтын төслөөр эхэлжээ. Төслийг Боловсрол, Соёл Шинжлэх Ухааны Яам болон Мэдээлэл, харилцаа холбоо, технологийн газар хамтран хэрэгжүүлж байна.

June-December 2008

Elana Langer, OLPC Learning Consultant, arrived in Mongolia in the summer of 2008 with a team of OLPC interns to assist in the deployment of laptops donated through Give 1 Get 1 2007. Elana stayed in Mongolia through the fall and early December to further assist the deployments and core team. Here is a breif timeline of their activity:

June 10 2023: 9,000 additional XOs donated through the G1G1 program arrive in Mongolia.

June 15: OLPC interns Tyler Williams, Cris Anderson, Sonia Porter and Augusta Hixon arrive in UB. We were joined by three mongolian volunteers Odontsetseg Bat-Erden, Damerian Booya and Enky as well. The team jumped right into action the following morning, meeting with the Project Unit team members and planning the next stages of our work. The next day the interns along with some project unit members worked at the warehouse registering and checking computers. Core team teachers that would lead the future training were assembled and by our fourth day we held a workshop for over 200 Mongolian teachers scheduled to recieve the computers at their schools in September. Cris Anderson and Odontsetseg began working on the translation of the OS into Mongolian. It is because of their hard work and dedication that Mongolia has a translated interface!

June 29: National elections were held. The following morning the OLPC team was joined by 5 core team teachers and headed down to South Gobi to conduct a workshop. The trip was a big success and helped the core team of teacher trainers develop their ideas for the integration of the XO into the Mongolian education system further. It also gave teachers, children and parents in 2 South Gobi villages to have some hands-on training with the laptop. The teachers developed curriculum based learning activities using e-toys and turtle art that they shared with the rest of the teachers on their return to the city.

July 6: The team returned to the capital to find a city devitated by political unrest. Buildings were burnt down, the President declared a state of emergency, tanks and military patrolled the streets and the city had a police imposed curfew. Despite the extreme conditions we were able to continue our work buiding educational and technical capacity of local teachers and students.

For the next week we worked with the core team to start making deeper connections between the XO capabilities and the Mongolian curriculum.

July 14: The team set back on the road to conduct two more countryside trainings. This time we headed north west to the province of Bulgan and then further north to Kvusgul. This time we were joined by 15 mongolian teachers and IT people. The trip took two and and a half weeks and we stopped to work in 3 villages. Our trainings were successful introductions for each community to the XO and a way for the rest of the team to grow as well. Tyler installed the servers and helped train the local IT people in manitanance.

July 25: Nicholas Negroponte arrives for a site visit in Kvusgul.

July 28: Nicholas Negroponte and Elana Langer meet with the President, Prime Minister, Minister of Education and Foriegn Affairs to update them on the current status of the project.

First Phase Implementation: January 2008

Mongolia was the first beneficiary of the Give One Get One 2007 program. Laptops first arrived in January of 2008. A team from OLPC, including Carla Gomez Monroy, Jan Jungclaus, and Enkhmunkh Zurgaanjin were on the ground to help with the initial deployment of 1000 XOs. Dave Woodhouse from OLPC arrived later in January to set-up the school server.

For more information on this initial phase and for some great photos, please visit: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Ulaanbaatar

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