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Nepali is a language used mainly in Nepal and some regions of India and Bhutan. It uses Devanagari script and somewhat similar to Hindi in writing style. Some vocabularies also match with Hindi language. Currently there is a nepali Debian based linux distribution called Nepalinux.

Keyboards : OLPC Nepali Keyboard

Idioms for Nepali on the XO

The following are some idioms that should be maintained by Nepali translators on the XO.

  • Verbs should be use in the तिमी form rather than the तपाई form.
  • The 'memorize' activity should be called जोडी मिलाऊ in it's current form.
  • Should "zoom out" / "zoom in" be "tadhabata hera (look from afar)" / "najikbata hera (look from closeby)" or "sano banau (make smaller)" and "thulo banau (make bigger)"

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