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Update : We need mentors for 2009 -- please add yourself to the Mentors list if you are willing to mentor a student. 20:22, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

OLPC has applied to be one of the mentoring groups for this year's Google Summer of Code (GSoC), listed under "One Laptop per Child". (last year)

Some commonly asked questions may be answered in the Summer of Code chat FAQ.

This is a page for the 2009 Google Summer of Code. Student applications have not begun to be accepted yet.

Funded Proposals from 2008

These are good examples of successful proposals:

Integration of Speech Synthesis in Sugar Environment

An educational program for teaching handwriting

Listen and Spell

Vision Processing

Related Proposals from 2008

Developping the VoIP features of Telepathy/Empathy with a focus on video conference

IM/VoIP using telepathy

PiTiVi Open-Source Video Editor

Non linear ogg editor/ Screencast helper

Media service to transcode video and audio in different formats

Music collection


Python Memory Profiler

OLPC Project Automated Testing





Moving all the input code into a separate thread

GUI tool for assisted editing of the XKB configuration database

Educational Vowel Synthesiser


Book Viewer for the OLPC

Refresh pointing device support

Some of the projects above do not directly benefit OLPC, but many are extremely helpful; our thanks for all of this support for great open source work!

Ideas and Proposals

We have a separate page for ideas this year.

Student proposals from all years can be found in Category:GSoC_proposals. Students are encouraged to create a wiki page for their project proposal and put in that category in order to get feedback from the wider OLPC community.


If you are interested in mentoring participants, please read the mentor FAQ. Note that both the ability to spend significant time mentoring, and the quality of the students are key to a good return on investment by the mentor, and the learning by the students. Please do not sign up to be a mentor unless you are certain you can meet the obligations of being a good mentor. If you are interested in mentoring, please send mail to Sj and leave a note below with a link to your userpage, where you should describe your background.

Interested mentors

for 2009

  • --Sj talk
  • jgay (for bookreader related proposals)
  • Yamaplos especially interested in helping with usability issues

older interest

if you are interested in mentoring in 2009, please add yourself to the 2009 section above..

  • José L. Redrejo Rodríguez <jredrejo en> is interested in mentoring the from Improve DrGeo idea. I've been working in implementing DrGeo II in the schools of Extremadura, so I think I have experience, knowledge and a big test field to mentor this project.
  • User:Wade is interested in mentoring activity development. I added several possible projects to the Ideas page.
  • MSc, Luis G. Lira and MSc,Paola Lira, Free Culture Peru, lira.lg at, We are interested in mentoring math, science, technology and development activities relevant to rural schools in Peru.
  • Blake Setlow is interested in mentoring. I live in Baltimore and have experience working in C++ and Python, including some threading, networking, and Windows programming in Python. My background in physics and data analysis will help if I mentor a project involving measurement.
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Gelbukh is interested in mentoring twexter.
    Did you try to sign up as a mentor? --Sj talk
    I signed up for One Laptop per Child organization (not sure if this is what was expected). -- A. Gelbukh. (I'd prefer email or skype communication.)
  • Martin Langhoff is more than happy to mentor up to 3 projects on the XS. Post to the server-devel mailing list if some server OS and webapp development is of interest!
    Thanks~ and Done.
  • Chris Hager would also be happy to mentor one python software project
  • Manusheel Gupta 'needs' to mentor on JS-Python Communication and activities: Education Toolkit, Food Force Project, and Deducto game.
  • Sayamindu Dasgupta is willing to mentor Activity Translation Activity
  • Homunq hopes to be ineligible to mentor (because I want to participate: see [1]) but could help "guide" a project involving Develop (say, adding a debugger), or help with language issues if a participant has Spanish as a first language. I live in Guatemala, UTC-6 (and other mentors should include their time zone).
    The help is appreciated; you can contribute a great deal by replying to ideas on the gsoc list
  • RafaelOrtiz. Interested in mentoring spanish speaking students, that want to work on XO software development.
  • Erikos. Interested in mentoring Hemant Goyal's Speech Synthesis Integration
  • ypod. Interested in mentoring the development of tools for Mesh Networking
  • Matthew M. Burke [2]. Willing to mentor several students. Particularly interested in visualization, development of software coding tools (particularly ones that make novel use of the mesh network), and games. Washington, DC, USA, UTC-5.
  • Patrick Dubroy. Currently working on Pen Tablet Support and Pen Tablet UI. Interested in mentoring a student working on either a new activity, or an enhancement of an existing one. Some ideas:

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