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The OLPC UK commmunity is hosting its first meeting in Central London, with the aim of bringing together like-minded individuals and creating more structured UK involvement in the OLPC project.


Location: The Coach and Horses pub in central has location city::London - upstairs function room (map)
Walking distance from Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus stations
Address: 1 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7HG

Date: Wednesday, start date::April 8, 2009
Time: 6:00pm arrival for 6:30pm start, until 8:30pm
For those who have time, there will likely be some socialising after the meeting.

Catering: Menu available at the link above, order and pay on the night; light refreshments will be available in the function room


Please advise of your attendance by introducing yourself on the OLPC-UK mailing list, or by contacting Michael Jordan by email (michael_jordan50@bigpond.com) or telephone (07 8814 64213).


The agenda and discussion will be intentionally broad; the goal of this meeting is to gain a stronger understanding of all attendees, what you collectively and individually would like to contribute to the cause and the collective view on what could be achieved by an OLPC organisation in the UK. I have made some adjustments to the original agenda suggestion but welcome any input on points that should be added.

  1. Opening
  2. OLPC Update
  3. Introductions - an opportunity for all attendees to introduce themselves and share their thoughts on OLPC involvement
  4. OLPC UK - open forum on what the group believes could be achieved by an OLPC UK organisation
  5. Progress - the UK is lucky to have a number of people already involved in and contributing to the OLPC cause; some of whom will be attending and able to update us on efforts so far
  6. XO Demonstrations - thank you to a large number of you who have advised you will be bringing an XO; it will be excellent for those that don’t yet own one to gain a stronger understanding of the technology behind the cause

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you have an XO

If you are bringing your XO, please try:

  1. to have build 767 installed so a) mesh will work; and b) you have time to download some interesting activities to play with with the other XO owners.
  2. to consider your top love/hate items about the XO to share with others that don't have an XO so they can get a better ideas of its strengths and weaknesses (and I'm talking hardware *and* software here)