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An Open Jam, or OJ for short is a public meeting for people who want to get involved with the OLPC project. Each meeting should have a goal of content or code or contacts. The overarching goal of the project should be helping people learn in a way that will enable them to continue to be involved in the OLPC project. We are going to work to develop materials, activities, and programs that will facilitate this.

List of regular Open Jams

Open Jam activity ideas


Create materials and ideas for how to use laptops. Make content bundles. Add categories and organizations to Talk:Curators.


Create an activity. Fix an old activity. Change an activity to make it do new things. Test an activity. Write curriculum for an activity so teachers can use it easily as part of their lesson plans.


Work on organizing group events. Meet new people who can help with different projects. Plan a local pilot. See who can help you, and how you can help others.