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A third Person Turn based funny Game Developed by: Square-Point -Name changed from Phoenix-Team.

website: / /Soon there will be a new website


  • Please stay tuned with our latest blogs: and (Square-Point blog)
  • Good news folks! We have removed almost all the bugs, and the package is good to go. We are doing refurbishing of the website,(including a new website and a new name), and then, around 10th April, Bingo!
  • Beta Version Available for public on Demand. Please email indoria_abhishek_AT_hotmail_DOT_com or angelina_johnson_AT_usa_DOT_com to get an evaluation copy.( We are unable to get one as a public post due to high number of critical bugs)
  • Removing bug: Very slow in startup in machines with processor less than 1gHz
  • Name Changed to Codename Imperius.
  • Alpha Version for Developers and Testers to be released Last Week of November'09, No Exceptions
  • Source Code Link : [1]


We are a team of 31 developers, with lead developers Abhishek Indoria and Angelina Johnson. 25 of us are under the age of 19.

What is BoomingBang?

BoomingBang is a third person Turn Based Shooter game in which users have to use funny methods to knock the other team's software mascots out. The mascots include Tux, Kate, Wilber,OOo,Thunderbird, GNU and so on! This is a rather violent game. Might not be suitable for children under the age of 5. But, of course, everyone will enjoy this game.

Why BoomingBang?

I(Abhishek Indoria) have noticed that there are so less games available for XO Laptop, and none of them is funny. BoomingBang includes fun in quick thinking and it improves children' decision making ability.

How the idea of BoomingBang occurred?

BoomingBang, was merely a thought in January 2009 when I alone planned it out. In June, I found a friend to help me through it. But, soon, I had a excellent team of youths who were willing to help me. We together named this group THE-PHOENIX-TEAM. Now, recently, one of our new group, FOSSFY(Free and Open Source Software For Youth) Foundation has evolved. BoomingBang is almost ready for the ALPHA V1 release, which is intended to be around Late October 2009.


BoomingBang, will be shipped(Disks) in Three(3) Editions:

1. Codename Imperius ( Normal edition available for downloading)-Free Download and Free Disk(Shipping & Handling)

2. Codename Imperius -E (Economy version, designed for low end machines, old PII and like) -Free(S&H)

3. Codename Imperius Professional ( Includes Warranty of game, see general req. below..Warranty limit 1 year, cost 5$+Shipping)

What are the basic System Requirements?


PROCESSOR : Intel Celeron Processor 400 mHz or faster, Intel P4 recommended. MEMORY : 128 MiB, 256 MiB recommended HDD SPACE: 70 MiB minimum Hard Disk space recommended GRAPHICS CARD: NOT REQUIRED(MIGHT BE A 2D) Sound Card: Any sound card.(You must have sound) Controllers: KeyBoard and Mouse(OR TOUCH-PAD/Joy-Stick {not officially supported})

With Warranty PROCESSOR: Intel Celeron Processor or Pentium 4 1.3gHz MEMORY: 512 MiB HDD SPACE: 100 MiB HDD Space

Where is the Source Code?

Sorry, We don't have the source code currently in public. We will provide it on APRIL 13, 2010 on our new Square-Point website.

Objectives of BoomingBang

The basic objective of BoomingBang is fun. Others fall afterward.

-BoomingBang helps players to think logically, like -What will happen if I do it? and Why should I do it? Players just get deep down in the game.

-BoomingBangs allows players to take decisions within the time limit. Players can set the time limit according to them, for their convenience, but however, this makes players think reasonable and quickly, improving their decision making ability.

-One wrong decision and it’ll be over. This is BoomingBang's speciality. Players' ability to think harder and quicker at each step is required.


CHILDREN who belong to poor families and have at least a computer or an XO laptop will able to run this game and will get at least some benefit of the game, be it fun, logical thinking, mental level, quick decisions or others.


Sugar community is currently active in distributing the laptops and widely distributing projects made by other programmers. I believe that this project will be helpful and will be another great game for children.

We have thought carefully of internationalization and BoomingBang is available in many languages, like:











we are currently making it so that it will integrate into almost every XO laptop and any low feature machine.

BoomingBang will run excellent in Systems supporting it, be it speed, performance, style or anything else.

And of course, the program is fully flexible, allowing users to modify it according to their needs.(See Another Advantage: key feature below)

We focus on distributing this project evenly in the whole world, so we will soon be taking request to ship the project for free, if you can't download it from website. Typically,$15 to USA from India.


BoomingBang is written in simple language, it is flexible so anyone can ticker around its code and modify it according to their requirements. You can just edit the XML or Data files as working on any text editor and you'll see the effect.

BoomingBang is totally free and distributed under GPL, so no barriers, Improve it, develop it and Pass it on. :)


The project will include full support from Administrator(Lead Developer) (Phone) 1 PM - 10 PM(Indian Standard Time), and soon technical support will be available on the website as the project will be released. E-mails are welcomed 24x7 and may take at least 12 hours to process(7 days at maximum, if problem is quite heavy)

Please mail us at: for details.

We provide a 1 year version warranty of BoomingBang. Any defected version/Shipped Version AND/OR DOWNLOAD will be either repaired or replaced instantly. We suggest users to inform us of any defected edition, and quote their reference number to us.

As this game runs slowly on some older computers, We intend to develop a low resource taking project(Codename Imperius -E) which will have very low requirements. We think to take this step after we'll have completed the project successfully and submitted it.

[Abhishek Indoria]

Follow us on our blog: [Free Software News Portal]