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Welcome to ekindling (Education Kindling) Discovery Session. is an organization formed within the OLPC-Ph grassroots community.

Initial Program Activity of OLPC-Ph

This is an initial discovery session test program for Sagip kids through the combine effort of OLPC-Ph/ community members and Singles for Christ (SFC) Meralco Chapter volunteers in the Philippines. SFC Meralco chapter have been supporting Gawad Kalinga's program for the poor, one of which is Child and Youth Development. In which Sagip("to save life") is one of the program.

In this collaboration, the following outputs are expected.

  1. Activity Program Outline
  2. Sample small activities using XO Sugar activities
  3. XO Sugar activity Lesson Plan/Course Syllabus/(Teacher's Guide)
  4. Come up with Project Specification for kids in a developing country for application development (eg. Dyned, plato exercises)
  5. Activity feedback from the facilitators,teachers and kids
  6. Future test bed for XO activity End-User testing.
  7. Continuous program: Teacher's training discovery sessions.

About Sagip

SAGIP (which means "to save a life" in the Filipino language)

GK (Gawad Kalinga "to give care) provides a support program for street children of elementary age, from 7 to 13 years old. They are provided with academic tutorials, sports and creative workshops as well as a very solid values formation program. The average elementary school classroom has about 75-100 children, a not-so-conducive environment for learning. SAGIP is a support program for children who are currently enrolled in school but need to explore and discover their talents. It also provides a tutorial program to help augment the public school system.

Watch the Sagip video here.

Program Goal/s

  1. To leverage the skills of established teachers to others who are not educators but true believers of this program, to be future mentors.
  2. To increase school interest and awareness of OLPC.
  3. To be able to leverage the Xo activities with real users.
  4. To help the OLPC-Ph developers come up with project specification for project application development.
  5. To provide feedback on XO sugar activity usability.


  • Technology
    • Jerome Gotangco
    • Hamilton Chua
    • Deng Ching
    • Cheryl Sybico
  • Education/Program
    • Glibert Dauz
    • Maevie Ortiz
    • Marife Mago
    • Cherry Withers
  • PR/Events
    • Ryan Letada
    • Cherry Withers
    • Marife Mago

Team Profile:

Activity Plan/Schedule

  • Week 1: Introduction of XO to teachers,volunteers and Sagip kids (XO software and hardware).
    • Activity overview: OLPC-ph team will do the XO presentation to kick-off the GK Sagip pilot. We'll introduce OLPC to teachers and Sagip kids before doing the XO demo and its activities. The team will run several activities to show to the teachers, volunteers and Sagip kids.

<Week 5...6...etc...>

Class Meetings

  • June 06, 2009 - Kick-off meeting (postponed due to bad weather)
  • June 10, 2009 - lunch meeting; initial discussion of XO laptop capabilities
  • July - Initial meeting for Discovery session

Future Plan

  1. To support all OLPC-Ph deployments.
  2. To open this to all who would want to be activity/XO mentors (globally)
  3. To create more content that would help teachers incorporate the XO activities.
  4. To be able to open this to all who are not educators but have the passion to help and would want to be mentors.
  5. To be able to duplicate this and be a tool to create a local groups in the 3 major Island of the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao)