The Next HOPE 2010 outreach

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Last year was my first time in attendance of a HOPE [Hackers on Planet Earth] conference, in this case, The Last Hope. As an OLPC supporter, I gave an impromptu talk with 2 other XO-toting fellows. This was well received and wanted to duplicate and extent that effort this year especially in light of the progress of the OLPC project and its continued need for volunteers of all stripes. So, with the suggestion of Adam Holt, I would like to create a stir with the attendees of The Next Hope, July 16-18th 2010 in NYC, and offer a few of its latest laptops to folks who seem to met some of OLPC's current or future unfulfilled needs through some kind of screening process. This project will seek to expose the energetic and committed attendees to take a fresh look at our great project and will seek to entice them to give of themselves.