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If you have a broken XO laptop and need to figure out what the problem is, start here.

  • If your laptop doesn't provide you with the Sugar interface, or if you think the problem is with the physical machine rather than the software, you are looking for XO Troubleshooting Guide (Hardware Problem Diagnosis).
  • If the problem occurs when Sugar or an Activity is running, or you think the problem is in software, there is currently a lack of documentation, other than the Wifi Troubleshooting Guide. You might also want to check the XO Troubleshooting Guide.


Give1Get1 owners can find in-warranty and post-warranty support options on the Give1Get1 Support Page.

A number of support avenues are available:

Give1Get1 Repair Centers

Do you want to find a community repair center near you with tools and volunteers dedicated to fixing XO laptops? Do you want to send your laptop to a repair center for fixing? Do you want to start a repair center of your own?

If you received your laptop through your school, your school will usually have a different repair system in place. Use it!

Disassembly and Spare parts

If you know what part is broken and just need to learn how to take your XO laptop apart to get to it, check out the excellent Disassembly tutorials.

The most commonly done and easiest disassembly-based repairs can be found in Simple repairs.

A guide to screws is available.

If you need spare parts to replace broken parts in your XO laptop, see Spare parts.

A Repair Parts list is under development for Do It Yourself repairs. Help us find sources and alternatives!

Learn the parts of an XO-1 motherboard.