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OLPC Request for Content

This form indicates your interest in donating content to OLPC; further information may be needed. Please submit completed forms to .

1.      First/Last Name*                      * denotes a required field 

2.      Title*
3.      Organization*
4.      Email address*
5.      Telephone number*
6.      Fax number


7.      Briefly describe your materials or collection; include material 
type and subject area* 

8.      Who maintains this collection?

9.      How extensive is it? (size, scope)

10.     In what formats is it available? (digital formats, if known)

11.     In what languages is material available?

12.     What copyright license is it under? Who deals with licensing matters?

13.     Is the collection being actively added to? 


14.  Who are the primary audience for this material?  (reading level, 
education level, topical interest)

15.     Describe any metadata you have on how your collection is used – how 
frequently items are used or checked out, how often they are cited, how often 
they are included in special exhibits, etc.

16.     Other information or comments