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how to use these?

Hello all - First of all, I'd like to thank Dr. Richard Boulanger and the group at the Berklee College of Music for contributing the new sounds. I'm very excited to put these new sounds on my XO and start to play, but I have no idea how to

1. unzip a zip file on the XO

2. Put the files in the right place (s) so that they will work in Tam Tam, etc.

Is there someone out there who could (either by links or explanation) do a step-by-step procedure for the above mentioned tasks?

It would also be very helpful to learn about the different sound quality levels offered. I know that there is always a trade-off between file size and sound quality. What I don't know is what the XO is capable of. If I download and install the 44.1k cd quality sounds, but the XO is only capable of outputting 22.5k, aren't I wasting my time and processing power and storage space?

Thanks, Charlie

Hello Charlie! Right now there's no easy way to use these samples with Tam Tam, &c. It will be easier once proper CSound activities are on the XO; those will have dialogs for loading csound orchestra files from somewhere on the system. Feel free to test out the various sounds provided -- we do recommend 22.5k for the XO, but the sound sample archive is available for everyone, and the higher quality is useful if you are using that as an input to a remix which is later resampled. --Sj talk 19:47, 3 March 2008 (EST)

More notes from Dr. B


- TamTam uses Samples but it needed more and all needed to be 100% cleared and free (so I redid them for them)

- Games and other Activities on the XO need Sounds and Samples (so I thought that we should provide XO Developers with a 100% free library)

- General MIDI Support on the XO needs a very specific sample library (so I contacted Berklee alumni who are now working for commercial sample companies for a GM set donation.)

sooooooo I asked my University, my Students, and my Colleagues in the Csound community to give to OLPC


- Over 6600 Free Samples (10GB) donated to Dr. B. for OLPC

- major donations from:

+ Berklee College of Music - 20 years of samples created by over 250 Music Synthesis Majors under the teaching of sampling GURU - Michael Brigida

+ Berklee Alumni - 31 Music Synthesis Graduates (now quite famous film and game composers/developers) give from their private collections

+ Open Path Music - Studio Musicians in SanJose come together for several OLPC *sampling days* - normally paid to sample their instruments, giving them away to the children of the world

+ BT - world famous electronic musician donates from his incredible drumloop library

+ The Csound Community - world instruments, soundscapes, commercial and experimantal sounds from the International Computer Music Community

++++ COMING SOON - M-Audio/Avid (through Berklee Alumni Jason McClinsey) donated a GENERAL MIDI Set to OLPC - They are here, they have been tested and they work on the XO - I an refining the collection for the machine before release.


- natural and synthetic ambiences - animal sounds (real and human imitations) - acoustic and electronic drumkits - acoustic western and world instruments - extended instrumental techniques - voices and vocal effects - synthetic bass, lead, pad - musical licks and instrumental comping - complete song elements (to remix and rebuild) - acoustic and synthetic soundeffects and foley - acoustic and synthetic drumloops - synthloops, arpeggios, and ostinati - natural soundscapes from Cuba, Spain Singapore, London, etc. - clean, pristene, grungy, nasty, weird, exotic, imaginative, innovative, amazing

An Important Point About the Archive.....

- These sounds are given to OLPC - but OLPC is giving them to the Children using XOs AND moreover.... OLPC is giving these sounds to EVERYONE who uses a computer to make music - these sounds are free for all the computer musicians in the world!

Proper way to provide attribution

Hi. I'm a free software programmer, and I would want to use the sound samples in some of my programs. Could you please help me with the attribution information? In particular, the full CC-BY license requires to give credits to the original authors, preserve all copyright notices and other conditions (section 4.b). I'm not sure whether citing OLPC proyect is enough... is Dr. Richard Boulanger the copyright holder? should each individual author and contributor be cited? It would be useful to put this information in the README file inside the torrent or the Wiki page, IMHO. This way it would be easier to copy&paste proper attribution information as required by the CC license.

thanks a lot

I've been looking for ages for samples I can't describe what they sound like and now I have pretty much all of them, I just wanted to say thanks a lot. 16:50, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

Mirror in flac format

Just to let you know, the freepats project now contains another mirror of the OLPC sound samples, but converted into flac format (lossless compression).


As Mininovo is now only hosting Torrents that are part of their Content Distribution service, the original Torrents that are listed in the page are now gone. It would be worth while for someone on the OLPC team to uploaded the sound samples to Mininova's Content Distribution service or to and post the new Torrent files on the page. Both those services will host the files free of charge and continuously seed them, forever. A bit like the Internet Archive except via P2P, which is far more convenient to download. Or if someone has the orginal Torrent file can they upload it to Torrage and post the link to it here. The files will still be out there and accessible via DHT and PeerExchange even if the Tracker is down. I will then download the files and upload them again to Mininova's Content Distribution service and to, contact me on my User:Talk page Stephen Judge 21:51, 26 November 2009 (UTC)

This is an issue indeed... :(
It seems that the torrent link on the page is wrong, could somebody provide a working one (and as well change it on the page). I'm sure it would help a lot, and if there's not one currently probably removing/commenting out the notice would be a good idea - it wouldn't be misleading then. 20:08, 1 December 2009 (UTC)
Here are two .torrent files that might be correct: and found through search: Mike Chelen 12:39, 2 March 2010 (UTC)

Why mono?

This is a great idea, but why limit the sound quality to mono? I'm sure at least some would be willing to donate their sounds in stereo, and it would improve the quality and value of this project a lot in the long run.

Its normal for the samples to be mono, as almost all instruments are in fact mono. Voice is mono as well. Most of industry standart propetiary sample library consist mostly of mono samples. -- 21:17, 6 August 2010 (UTC)

Make the license clearer

Please make the license for these samples clearer, here on the Wiki. (Was raised in IRC and those present could only suggest OLPC:Copyrights).